ABTT Sound Product of the Year Award Winner announce release of Atlas Show Control!

5 July 2023

Launched at the ABTT Theatre Show in June as a MacOS application, Atlas show control was awarded Sound Product of the year in the ABTT Awards and has now been officially released.

The release of Atlas, a game changing show control software designed with the control and implementation of Spatial Audio Engines at its heart. Atlas is all about control and aims to change the way in which designers and operators interact with the plethora of audio hardware and software within their environment.

Atlas brings powerful and scalable spatial audio control to the industry whilst giving designers, operators, and engineers familiarity within its intuitive user interface.

Atlas is Show Control for Spatial Audio; it communicates with your Spatial Audio devices using Open Show Control protocol.

Atlas supports incoming positional data from Trackers offering unparalleled control and smoothing algorithms. Atlas can also output control data to other audio applications, sound consoles, video servers and lighting consoles.

A tracking Cue List

Programming your show in Atlas is simple – just add cues to your cue list, then add Modules for the properties and Objects you want to control.

Atlas allows for manual positional programming, the use of hardware trackers or a combination of both as demands dictates.

Atlas knows everything that is happening within your show and allows instant resetting of your show or rehearsal to any given moment using “Standby Selected”. No more getting out of sync or working out which patch you needed to be in to resume from a given moment.

Fast Programming

Atlas is designed to provide users with a friendly user interface whilst unleashing the full potential of spatial audio control.

With Atlas you no longer need to remember complex and unfriendly OSC strings, commands appear as drop downs and using wildcards, large systems can be easily controlled with minimal commands. Atlas allows for changing backdrops and visuals on a cue-by-cue basis so you can be confident of your positioning data as sets and stages change.

Program Offline

Atlas gives you the ability to visualise and simulate your show before arriving onsite through its offline editor and overview windows.


As spatial audio adoption grows so does the need to control larger systems. Atlas allows for communication with multiple spatial engines in either a redundant or expanded configuration. The system confirms the presence of audio hardware and informs the operator of its status providing reassurance of the system environment.

Introducing new programming concepts to your workflow.

Groups can control multiple spatial objects while only programming one programming object whilst sets enable you to characterise alike objects and control their functionality quickly and efficiently within the programming environment.

Pallets enable you to quickly recall functionality using dropdown menus without needing to type the relevant OSC strings. Apply a pallet to a group or set and feel the true speed and efficiency of programming in Atlas.

Atlas currently offers support for d&b Audiotechnik Soundscape, Zaktrack object tracking, Digico and Yamaha Rivage sound consoles with upcoming support for other major spatial audio platforms.

Atlas Show Control has been developed by long time theatre industry professionals Dominic Bilkey and Jack Lord. Dominic is Head of Sound at the National Theatre and an Olivier and Tony nominated sound designer. Jack is a freelance communications engineer and software developer.  Utilising their combined experiences and interests, Atlas provides the missing link between audio hardware and the operators & designers ability to create and operate complex sound designs.

Jack Lord is also responsible for other industry recognised software such as Show StopWatch, Lazy Programmer and Address Book.

The software was recently deployed on the highly successful run of The Lehman Trilogy during its run at the Gillian Lynn Theatre in the West End and is currently in use on WNO’s Candide.

Find out more here: www.atlas-control.app