Action: A Government-backed COVID cancellation scheme – UK Theatre / SOLT survey

10 May 2021

As part of UK Theatre / SOLT's ongoing work on lobbying for a government-backed insurance scheme for theatre, they need to collect more up to date information from you. This will form an important part of our evidence lobbying for Government-backed support

The purpose of this survey is to understand the sector’s intentions to open productions over the coming year and how they are impacted by the current lack of Government-backed COVID cancellation insurance.

Only one person in your business should complete this survey. Only complete if you are a lead producer / production company / producing venue. We are only asking lead producers and not receiving venues to avoid doubling up on responses.


  • You can download the questions to discuss with your team before returning to complete online.
  • On Tuesday 11 May from 14.00-15.00hrs they are hosting a short webinar to answer any questions respondents may have before completing. Book your place on Zoom now.
  • Complete the survey by Wednesday 19 May 11.59pm

There are seven sections to this survey

  1. Consent to share data
  2. About your business
  3. Restarting without Government-backed COVID cancellation insurance
  4. Productions currently onsale
  5. Productions not onsale due to lack of Government-backed COVID cancellation insurance
  6. If you are restarting without Government-backed COVID cancellation insurance why?
  7. Confidence in Government(s)