ABTT announce launch of UK Theatre & Live Events Apprenticeship Network

8 July 2020

Being an apprentice can sometimes be a lonely role - so we wanted to be able to connect you with others who have been through the same experiences. Founded by ABTT Young Associate Representative Tamykha Patterson, the UK Theatre & Live Events Apprenticeship Network will enable all past, current and future Apprentices a much needed safe space to ask questions and to seek advice.

The new Apprenticeship Network will host it’s inaugural Networking and Q&A event on Tuesday 4th August at 2pm.

At this Event we hope to introduce you to other Apprentices and enable the attendees to ask questions regarding their current or future Apprenticeships too.

We will have a range of experts in the field available to tell you more about what Apprenticeships are available, how they work, what they cover  and what to do once you’ve finished.

To join the UK Theatre & Live Events Apprenticeship Network  you can do so here.

You can sign up to the upcoming Networking event here.