Are You Brexit Ready?

10 December 2020

We are now only 23 days away from the end of the transition period.

SOLT and UK Theatre continue to be in regular contact with DCMS and they have already scheduled meetings for next week to take stock of whatever free trade deal is or is not reached. We will update members as soon as we receive more information.

In addition, to continued trade body meetings and regular contact with government, both SOLT and UK Theatre websites have been amended to create easy to access information on Brexit for everyone. On the page you will find:

  • Links to the Government’s questionnaire to help you determine what you need to do to help prepare your business.
  • Subject by subject links through to government pages on issues such as: employment; movement of goods; movement of people; data and more.

You will also find the DCMS’ weekly ‘End of Transition Period’ newsletter. The latest issue (December 7) contains updates on sector specific issues, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Updated information on exporting or importing cultural objects, including from Northern Ireland to Great Britain, the EU, or elsewhere
  • Kent traffic management system update
  • Information for EU businesses working in the UK after 1 January
  • Points-based immigration system went live on 1 December

An important note on this final bullet item – the new points-based immigration system. If you wish to engage EEA or Swiss nationals (and non-EEA nationals) from January, you will need to apply to become a licensed sponsor, if you are not one already. Becoming a sponsor normally takes eight weeks and fees apply. (You will not need to be a sponsor to engage EEA or Swiss nationals who have settled or pre-settled status.)

Case Studies
DCMS have asked for case studies from the sector on issues they encounter from 1 January. For example, this could be comparative costs of taking a tour to the EU before and after 1st January 2021; or the impact on employment or engagement opportunities. Please send anything to us and we can share with them.