Backup launch helpline with dedicated counsellor service

3 September 2021

Backup, the Technical Entertainment Charity, has launched a free 24-hour helpline to provide both urgent and non-urgent wellbeing support.

The helpline offers a number of options, from a dedicated Backup counsellor (available 5 days a week), to direct transfer to other industry charities including the Theatre Helpline, Music Support Helpline, and the Samaritans. The Backup Counsellor option is a free, independent and confidential phone service with a certified Counsellor who has a broad experience of the industry and will provide initial support or signposting on mental health and wellbeing to people working in the live technical entertainment industry. If further sessions are needed, the Backup certified Counsellor is available to offer support and to assist with Backup grants. The Backup helpline can be accessed by calling 0800 464 7068 and all calls are free. Please click here for more information.

Action: please share with all technical freelancers and salaried staff.