Brexit – Ongoing Monitoring

2 February 2021

SOLT and UK Theatre have been liaising with other industry bodies across the cultural sector on how to best collate data relating to the impact on touring activity in the EU27. DCMS has already asked them to provide examples illustrating the impact of EU exit on our members’ income, costs and profit lines. We expect this to be a regular request to industry bodies as risks and challenges associated with touring will continue to emerge and crystallise over the next year and possibly beyond.

To facilitate the consistent gathering of this information, SOLT and UK Theatre have created a spreadsheet (you can find this to download on the advocacy page on the SOLT or UK Theatre websites under the tab ‘Are You Brexit Ready?’) where we ask you to please record any issue you encounter touring to the EU27 / Brexit impact on your business from now on. This will be vital to tangibly demonstrate to the Government the impact of the new rules on the theatre sector and to inform our conversations with various departments on the outstanding issues we face, as well as on how we can work together to resolve or mitigate their effects. Please send your completed spreadsheet to Hannah.

Many thanks in advance for your help in providing us with the information we need to keep advocating for our sector and making our collective voice heard.