BT offer support for ABTT Organisation Members to assist with the transition to Digital

10 July 2024

What’s happening?

With Openreach having announced their plans to close the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) by 2025, and moving to Digital, BT would like to support organisations in ensuring a stable transition for the future.

For customers using PSTN and who have not been switched to IP Solutions, BT is exploring Pre-Digital Phone Line (PDPL). PDPL is an interim technology that bridges the gap between analogue and digital for customers.

What does this mean?

ABTT Affiliates and Industry Supporter members are likely to have a wide range of products connected to their phone lines.

Any equipment connected to an existing service will need to be compatible so it can remain fully functional after 2025. BT are offering the opportunity for you to test your devices to ensure they are compatible and to provide assurances to you about being migrated to PDPL.

What is BT doing to help?

BT are offering a free testing service at its research and development site in Adastral Park, close to Ipswich. All Industry Supporters are invited to Register in order to test any equipment on BT’s Interim PDPL capability and Digital network free of charge. Once registered, one of the BT team will be in contact to discuss your testing requirements and to agree a suitable date.

Should you need more information before visiting, click here to see more of what’s happening and why, and who has already tested ensuring readiness for the IP Migration. Alternatively, you can email Graham Passmore, Migration Manager, Industry & Manufacturer, at