Call for Nomination for OISTAT Awards

27 June 2022

OISTAT Awards is established for honoring individuals who have great contribution to the organization or have achieved outstanding works in OISTAT. We are now calling for the nomination for OISTAT Awards. If you would like to nominate a colleague, please provide their biography with a profile picture, and a short letter stating the reasons for nomination to the Headquarters at before June 30.

After receiving the nominations, the Executive Committee will determine the nature of the award. An Advisory Group nominated by the Executive Committee will be formed to determine its own working procedures. If the Advisory Group’s advice is positive, the President of OISTAT will present the award during WSD2022 in Calgary, Canada.

Types of OISTAT Awards

1.     Golden Pin
The highest recognition given to individual who was once an Executive Committee member for an overall contribution for OISTAT across a significant period. A tangible golden pin will be given to the awardee of this category.

2.     Honorary Members
A nomination for a member, associate member or distinguished professional. From across all associated fields of expertise.

3.     OISTAT Award for Outstanding Contribution
In any of OISTAT fields: this can be awarded to an individual of any age for exceptional contributions to the life of OISTAT beyond the normal participation.

4.     OISTAT Award for the Lifetime Achievemen
For an overall contribution for OISTAT across a significant period.

5.     OISTAT Rising Star
An acknowledgement of a new or young individual member’s activity as a part of any area of OISTAT’s activity.  For example: A winner of the Theatre Architecture Competition (TAC) could be nominated, a volunteer project/technical manager from World Stage Design (WSD) could be nominated and an outstanding student or young performance designer.

6.     OISTAT Award for Special Acknowledgment
An award for individual who had provided a significant contribution to an OISTAT event/project but was not a member nor an associate member of OISTAT.


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