Call to Action backstage workers

24 May 2021

AAPTLE would like to hear from you.

In 2019 you told us your views in our first UK backstage mental health evaluation. A lot has happened since then, and we want to take the time to check in on you all and learn more about the effects of the pandemic on your wellbeing. Please take the time to participate in our follow up survey evaluation so we can learn more.

The aim is to take all of the information we learn and start to work on guidance and advise for our industry on mental health and wellbeing as our industry starts to reopen.

Please share this survey far and wide, and encourage as many people as you know to join in.  The more voices and opinions we hear, the more we can encourage positive change towards mental health backstage. Promoting a culture of change towards wellbeing, one where we can be more open and honest, and feel safe and heard.

We look forward to hearing from you.


The AAPTLE wellbeing group