Call to Action: Crucial Government Survey on Energy Costs

6 October 2022

Government Survey on Energy Costs – Please Complete by 23:55hrs on Monday 24th October 2022.

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) are inviting businesses and charities to complete a survey on their energy use, the impacts of cost increases and removing the energy support package, and any measures to reduce energy costs.

The data drawn from this survey will be provided directly to the government to help inform the findings of the Review, which will enable them to identify those vulnerable sectors most in need of further support beyond 31st March 2023 when the current support ends.

SOLT & UK Theatre encourage all organisations to complete the survey to the best of their ability to ensure the impacts of rising energy costs on the theatre sector is accurately recorded.

Taking part in the survey

Please only complete the survey if you are an organisation or charity that is subject to business expenditure. This survey is not designed to be completed by individuals, nor does it relate to domestic tariffs and expenditure.

Below you will find a link to a preview of the survey. This is to assist organisations completing the survey to ensure you have the required information available to you before commencing the survey. You do not need to complete all the questions if they do not relate to you. If you do not have the requested information, please move on to the next question.

All of the data that you provide will be treated as confidential and will not be shared outside of government.

Correctly Identify your sub-sector

In question 1.3 you will be asked to provide a description of the industry in which your organisation operates.

Please provide a sub-sector description that best reflects your organisation from the list of unique descriptors below:

  • Music venue or concert hall
  • Live dance venue
  • Dance agencies, production companies, and production support activities
  • Dance production companies
  • Live opera venue
  • Opera production support activities
  • Live theatre venue
  • Theatrical production companies, and production support activities
  • Art centre
  • Community arts venue

Take care to input your answer exactly as listed, taking note of spaces and upper and lower case. Do not list more than one sub-sector to avoid double counting or distorting the response.

Please make use of the free text box questions to add additional context or information which may not be captured elsewhere in the survey.