CALL TO ACTION: Freelancer Survey (yes, another one)

3 September 2020

Please find below a  link to a new survey for Freelancers to help us collate data for the whole Live Events industry.

Currently we are missing data and this survey will help to capture this essential information.
This survey will be covering the following information:

What opportunities there are for “young” people – i.e. what a good industry we are for employing young (and non-academic) people (including apprentice opportunities)
Our regional spread – that a lot of the employment is NOT in London
How we are ‘global leaders’ and we export all over the world both goods and services (i.e. labour)
Data about the variety in our Industry. We need to stress that we are not just about theatre and music – but we also do corporate events, ceremonies, sporting occasions etc – basically any type of live events.

Please use the link below to help to capture this essential information.