Who we are:

The ABTT Core Values working Group is made up of ABTT Members who want to assist with ensuring that the ABTT is providing opportunities to all,  raising awareness and knowledge on important topics and looking for solutions to ensure our membership reflects our Industry.

What we do:

We are currently focusing on the following key areas within the ABTT itself:

  • Engaging young people and providing them with support with the start of their careers;
  • Refreshing our networking and events offers;
  • Engaging with currently underrepresented groups;
  • Reviewing the ABTT Website and Communications.

Why we do it:

The ABTT is reviewing the above areas to ensure that the Association represents our community, ensuring that we are welcoming and approachable to all members and anyone engaged in or interested in design, operation of places of entertainment and production of performance. We want to our members to feel at home amongst like minded people who often have shared experiences and shared challenges in the Industry whilst also being the go to organisation for advice and support in all matters technical.

Our Aims:

We hope to:

Our Core Values:

  • Promoting equality, diversity, and inclusion
    The ABTT believes that those who are interested or working in the design of places of entertainment or in their operation or in the production of performance should be as diverse in all respects and attributes as the members of the society in which we all live.  The Association will  be welcoming and respectful to all who seek to connect with it. In addition, it recognises that it must work to overcome barriers of any nature that prevent or inhibit anyone from seeking connection, support, guidance or participation with the ABTT. This value mandates the ABTT to find ways of actively promoting equality, diversity, respect, dignity and inclusion and removing barriers for those who are underrepresented in our current membership, association leadership and sector. We want to promote a secure and positive atmosphere for everyone with whom we work and provide anyone with whom we engage with  an atmosphere free from harassment or bullying.
  • Enabling excellence
    The ABTT recognises that the development of excellence in attitudes, behaviours, skills and knowledge is essential to sustain the areas it supports.  In all that it undertakes it will seek to enable participation and the achievement of excellence,  identifying barriers to entry and progression and seeking to find solutions by which they may be removed.
  • Acknowledging achievement
    The ABTT will work to communicate and celebrate the contribution that the sector it represents makes to the success of the theatre and live performance industries and it will acknowledge excellence in the performance of all the associated crafts and disciplines.
  • Representing all
    The ABTT is for all who are interested or working in the design of places of entertainment or in their operation or in the production of performance.  It will seek to offer support and be relevant to all the regions and nations of the United Kingdom, those whose participation is waged and unwaged, the small and the large, those with buildings and those without; everyone no matter where or how they pursue their interest.
  • Combating climate emergency
    The ABTT is committed to taking positive action in response to climate breakdown and biodiversity collapse. It has pledged to support all those operating in live performance production, technology and building design to strengthen working practices and redesign business activities, operational processes, use of resources, organisational policy and overall governance in order to create and present live performance in a way that has a more positive impact on the world around us.  The ABTT also pledges to  adopt positive measures in its own activities.