Who we are:

The Wales Technical Forum for Technical managers in Wales joined the ABTT  and formed ABTT Cymru in 2014 to cater for all technicians in Wales. It is administered out of the Wales Millennium Centre with meetings taking place at least twice a year throughout Wales.

What we do:

We try to hold meetings at new or refurbished premises whenever possible, normally in Wales but sometimes further afield, including the ABTT trade show. Our meetings will cover a range of topics from changes in legislation and regulations, training opportunities, our apprenticeship scheme, wellbeing, accessibility and diversity in the work place and even potential tours of new buildings.

Why  we do it:

The ABTT Cymru committee was formed to provide a forum for technicians situated in Wales.

Our Aims:

We hope to:

– Create a better trained, more diverse workforce

– Ensure that technical standards in Wales are comparable to the best in the UK

– Increase co-operation in training and equipment resources throughout venues in Wales

Our Achievements:

In 2016 ABTT Cymru launched the Shared Technical Apprenticeship scheme with the Wales Millennium Centre and Cardiff and Vale College.

The scheme welcomes young people from a variety of different backgrounds. Using the ABTT Bronze award alongside work based learning, apprentices gain the skills and experience needed to enter the professional world of backstage technical theatre.

The scheme has proved popular and has been awarded funding from the Welsh Government, the Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation and the Welsh Livery Guild. In 2016 the Shared Technical Apprenticeship scheme was named Training Provider of the Year by CC Skills UK.

ABTT Cymru has also published a glossary of backstage terms in Welsh which is available here.

Currently ABTT Cymru is recording interviews with technicians in the industry to highlight their careers and how they have progressed in the Industry. Please see the first editions below.

David Evans (NTW) interviews Darren Joyce (CTS) about his career in Technical Theatre. Focus on Production Management.

Ceri James & Joe Fletcher discuss their careers in Lighting Design.

Our Committee Meetings:

January 26th 2023 – ABTT Cymru Committee Meeting:

Why we need people like you:

We welcome input from all practitioners working in or originally from Wales – we send out meeting invites twice a year – please register interest by emailing fiona.watts@wmc.org.uk