Who we are:

ABTT NorthNet is an ABTT Regional committee which was inaugurated at a meeting chaired by Percy Corry in Manchester in 1970. Originally named ABTT North, the committee was renamed as ABTT NorthNet in 2000. The Committee is now made up of a range of technicians from various venues throughout the North of the UK.

What we do:

The ABTT NorthNet Committee was designed to provide a forum for northern theatre technicians, providing them with an opportunity to put forward any topics, issues or visits they wish to pursue. Since 1970 NorthNet has been very active, arranging visits and meetings covering a wide range of subjects.

Our Aims:

One of its main aims is to involve as many working technicians as possible in NorthNet activities. To that end the Committee meets in a wide variety of venues in Lancashire, Mersyside and Yorkshire, usually in theatres, and encourages technicians from the host theatre to take part in each meeting.

Our Achievements:

From 1980 ABTT NorthNet organised the ABTT’s Northern Trade Shows in several venues from Manchester to Harrogate.

Over the years this ABTT group has organised a series of one day seminars, training and safety meetings. It also set up a conference on Georgian Theatre held in the Georgian Theatre at Richmond, N.Yorks.

Another achievement includes the introduction of the Philip Windsor Spanner Award. This award honours the special long-term contributions of Phillip Windsor to ABTT NorthNet and to the ABTT in general by the presentation of the Philip Windsor Spanner Award.

As an engineer his contributions were both in practice and method allied to the application of computer technology, and for many years he was involved in lighting amateur shows. ABTT NorthNet has symbolised his contributions by the creation  of  the  Spanner Award: after major surgery and while still confined to hospital, Philip asked his wife Anne to bring him a spanner, he wanted to adjust the anglepoise lamp over his bed – once a lighting man, always a lighting man.

Why we need people like you:

We always welcome new members on the ABTT NorthNet Committee – enabling us to have representatives from all backgrounds, venues and technical roles. If you would like to apply to become  a member of ABTT NorthNet do get in contact as we would love to hear from you!