Who we are:

The ABTT Safety Committee is made up of a variety of industry experts who have worked in various roles in the technical aspects of theatre and entertainment. They work together to share and compile their knowledge and experience in to relevant documents

What we do:

The Safety Committee is responsible for the compilation and publication of the ABTT Codes of Practice. As well as working on projects for the ABTT, members represent the industry on other bodies including the British Standards Institution and maintain contact with the Home Office, the Department of the Environment and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport and the Health & Safety Executive.

Why  we do it:

The Safety Committee was created to contribute their knowledge and expertise towards ensuring that the Theatre Industry has relevant codes of practice, guidance notes and publications covering health and safety in places of entertainment.

Our Aims:

One of our main aims is to provide simple guidance for our industry in an easy to follow format. The intention is to help licensees, technical managers and enforcers to understand the requirements and needs of places of entertainment.

Our Achievements:

The Safety Committee has played a vital role in the group publishing the Technical Standards for Places of Entertainment, known as the ‘Yellow Book’. This publication provides a set of standards for the buildings, equipment and management of premises which are primarily used for entertainment.

Why we need people like you:

If you believe you have the technical knowledge and expertise to assist with the creation of new guidelines, amending existing codes of practice and content for Technical Standards for Places of Entertainment, please do get in contact as we would love to hear from you.