Who we are:

Members of the Standing Committee are currently:
Claire Appleby, Theatres Trust
Phillip Brown, SOLT/UK Theatre
Richard Bunn, Arup Theatre Consultants
Pierre Chenier, Haringey
Helen Clifford, Westminster
David Doyle, London Fire Brigade
David Draude, Technical Director, LW Theatres
Niall Forde, Islington
Andrew Jack, London Fire Brigade
Alan Lynagh, Westminster
Tom Mannings, Head of Technical and Production at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts
Trevor McIntosh, Merton
Vaughan Melsom, Islington
Andrew Nicholson, The Fire Surgery
Julia O’Brien, Chartered Institute of Environment Health
Julia Sawyer, Institute of Licensing
David Spink, formerly Westminster
Robin Townley, Association of British Theatre Technicians
Geoff Weaver, formerly Islington
Frank Wenzel, Poole
Mark White, Association of British Theatre Technicians
David Withington, City of London

What we do:

The Standing Committee meets on a monthly basis to ensure that  Technical Standards continues to provide current recommendations on how to achieve safety and compliance in building, maintaining, managing and operating places of entertainment

Why  we do it:

The ABTT produces a Code of Practice for the Theatre Industry with the support of the Theatre Safety Committee. The Theatre Industry Code of Practice is non-statutory guidance. It may, however, in accordance with the Health and Safety Executive’s Enforcement Management Model (EMM), be used in a court of law as an established standard to indicate levels of performance needed to meet a general or qualified duty under the relevant statutory provisions.  These provisions include Acts of Parliament and the Regulations made thereunder. Arrangements which conform to the guidance laid down in the Theatre Industry Code of Practice are regarded by HSE as likely to achieve conformity with the relevant parts of the statutory provisions applying to health and safety at work. The Code of Practice provides guidance as to reasonably practicable methods for compliance with the law and for safeguarding the health, safety and welfare of all those affected by the production and presentation of live performance.  The Technical Standards for Places of Entertainment is the primary reference for the Theatre Industry Code of Practice.

Our Aims:

The Standing Committee seeks to maintain the Technical Standards as the primary source or guidance for operating a place of entertainment and presenting live performance in a safe and compliant manner.

Our Achievements:

The Theatre and Performing Arts sector are recognized by the Health and Safety Executive as being self-regulating and  Technical Standards through its recognition as part of the Established Standard under the HSE Enforcement Management Model provides the relevant guidance for operators and enforcers alike.

Why we need people like you:

Users who wish to comment upon the content of Technical Standards or would like to enquire about participation in the Standing Committee should email: