ABTT Silver Award for Stage Technicians

ABTT Silver Award for Stage Technicians

The ABTT Silver Award Courses are SCQF Level 8 qualifications which are recognised throughout the Industry. This is a practical course which intertwines theory and practice to ensure your day-to-day skills are validated while helping you specialise and refine your skill set for certain roles.

What is the Silver Award for Stage Technicians?

The Silver Award is a five day course which gives candidates more in-depth knowledge and understanding of best practice in the subject. It allows candidates to specialise further and validate experience in a specific area whilst progressing on from the Bronze Award.

Who can do the course?

Candidates wanting to pursue the Silver Award for Stage Technicians should have gained the knowledge and skills covered by the Bronze Award prior to considering undertaking this course.

How is the course structured?

The course is split in to five sections, these include:

1. In-Service Inspections for Lifting Gear & Safe Use of Slings – Part One

2. In-Service Inspections for Lifting Gear & Safe Use of Slings – Part Two

3. Practical Rigging – Part One

4. Practical Rigging – Part Two

5. Working at Height with PPE

The training is followed by the Silver Award Test.


What is covered in the course?

Courses 1 and 2: : In-Service Inspections for Lifting Gear & Safe Use of Slings cover theory and regulations such as the Machinery Directive/ Supply of Machinery, (Safety) Regulations; Lifting Operations & Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER) and Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER). We also cover the practical element of inspecting and use of lifting gear.

Courses 3 and 4: Practical Rigging have a strong practical basis and teaches how to rig chain hoists and trusses including the on-site construction of steel wire rope slings and the use of prefabricated ones. The procedure for use and safe operation of electric chain hoists is fully explained.

Course 5:Working at Height with PPE  is an introduction to working at height in the entertainment. The module includes methodology and best practice in using personal protective equipment for working at heights Its aim it to impart knowledge using PPE when working at height and an understanding of the Work at Height Regulations

How do I progress after this course?

Once a Silver Award has been achieved, many students decide that they wish to broaden their skill set and do a further “Silver Award” course in a different area. Alternatively – some decide they want to progress on the final Gold Award Course once they have moved in to managerial roles.

We offer the Gold Award Course to support the candidate in managerial roles within the Industry. Candidates should have responsibility for the management of the working environment and the practices therein.

How much does the course cost?

ABTT Members: £896 + VAT
Non-ABTT Members: £1,019 + VAT
Cost includes RCS certification to SCQF Level 8, relevant ABTT Codes of Practice & Training Log book.
You must complete all five days and successfully complete the Silver Award test to obtain full accreditation.

How do I apply for the course?

To apply for the course, simply take a look on our Training and Events Calendar to see when the next course is running. The application form will be available on that page and you will just need to fill it in and return to the ABTT Office via email or post. Please be aware that your course place will not be secured until full payment or purchase order has been received.


The ABTT Silver Awards are run once a year at the ABTT Summer School at Warwick Arts Centre, usually around the end of July and start of August each year.

Alternatively, this course can be scheduled as in-venue training for Affiliated Organisations and ISG Members. To enquire about hosting this course please contact us on: training@abtt.org.uk

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Thank you for a great week, I learnt a lot in such a small space of time and have already made plans on how to implement what I was taught into everyday life at my Theatre. The instructors were fantastic really knew what they were talking about.

ABTT Silver Candidate, Summer School 2018
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