Resources, Training, Events and more during COVID-19 (updated daily)

26 March 2020

Please see below a list of relevant COVID 19 resources, online training courses, events and activities that people are offering remotely, via Skype, phone or live streamed. Please feel free to share. If you have anything you would like us to add please email

Streamed/ Interactive Events, Blogs, Activities or Training:

With more than 200,000 viewing in live to watch the National Theatre’s stream of One Man, Two Guvnors, it’s fair to say there’s still an appetite for people wanting to engage with theatre – even if it’s from their living rooms! With that in mind, we have put together a list of venues/online platforms that are currently streaming theatre shows. Unlike other lists currently out there, all of these shows are entirely free to watch and do not require you to sign up to any sort of subscription.

West End Live Moves Online…

Taking place on an annual basis in Trafalgar Square, West End LIVE celebrates the incredible entertainment on offer in the heart of London, showcasing performances from every West End musical. With this year’s event being cancelled due to social distancing measures, West End LIVE will instead take place virtually via Facebook from 20-21 June, in which highlight videos will show performances from previous years.

The latest TheatreVoice podcast is now available online and on iTunes:

Giuseppe Cannas

Sam Marlowe sits down with Giuseppe Cannas, Head of Wigs, Hair and Make-up at the National Theatre, to find out about the extraordinary craft and minute detail involved in creating a production’s special effects. From hand-stitching every single hair, to creating exploding eyeballs, Cannas’ work not only involves a wide range of disciplines, but also managing a team of almost two dozen people. Recorded on 03 March 2020 at the National Theatre in London

Theatre Resources for Isolation:

Theatre-related things to watch, listen or read during the current situation.

Sherman Theatre Offer various Workshops

Following the demand for Joe Murphy’s Structure Workshop, other members of the Sherman team will offer their expertise to help artists and freelancers to develop new or acquire existing skills through a series of free workshops.

Creative Engagement Workshop – Why it isn’t just ‘kids stuff’? 7 May 2.00pm

This workshop is aimed at those wishing to begin to develop their skills, understanding and appreciation for Creative Engagement. Often misunderstood as simply providing a schools workshop or post show talk, Creative Engagement encompasses a broad spectrum of points of contact for all audiences. Sherman Theatre’s Creative Engagement Manager, Timothy Howe, will take participants through the ways in which Sherman embeds this work across its programme, and how it continues to seek out new ways of working within an ever evolving sector. This workshop will include practical exercises for the participants as well as open discussion and Q and A opportunities. To register please contact

The workshops will take place via Zoom and numbers are limited.

TheatreShire Books Ltd

Are you looking for your next good read, interested in anything and everything related to the history of theatre? Take a look at the new April 2020 Theatreshire Books catalogue…

SOLT/ UK Theatre Freelancer Webinar

Click the above link for the last webinar. We will do a future webinar for Freelancers when we have more updates and we will keep you updated as to when that will be.
Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions, our email address is

ETC -Top educational guest-blogger series

Over the years, lighting designers, programmers, researchers, and more have given their time to help explain some of the industry’s trickiest topics on our blog. Check out the roundup of some of our favorite and most informative guest posts at the link!

OISTAT Chat Webinar: Theatre Culture and Cities Lecture

OISTAT HQ brings the new project ”OISTAT Chat” this year. OISTAT Chat is a webinar on ideas for theatre around the world.

The first episode ”Theatre Culture and Cities”  invites OISTAT President Bert Determann to share his experience of placemaking in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

He will talk about how international collaboration 7 Square Endeavour achieves urban sustainability in an innovative way, how they turn “Schouwburgplein” into a vibrant cultural square and a place for civic engagement.

ABTT Members can join this event for FREE as the ABTT are one of the UK Centres for OISTAT.

Production Managers Forum: Sustainability in Theatre and Live Events

The Production Managers’ Forum (PMF) is a resource for anyone involved in the production and technical management of theatre or live events.

It enables members to share ideas, information and knowledge, and to connect with each other through the PMF website, social media channels, support hub, newsletters, regular forums and social events.

This event was hosted at the Royal Court Theatre and discussed issues and challenges regarding Sustainability within the Theatre and Live events industries.

The guest chair was Jennifer Taillefer, Production Manager of the Unicorn Theatre who spoke with guest representatives of First Mile Wastage, Society of British Theatre Designers, Sustainability in Production Alliance and Julie Bicycle.

The second panel featured several production and technical managers like Geoff Hense of the Arcola Theatre who have been forging ahead, overcoming the challenges in sustainability within our industry.

A list of online and Remote training activities during the COVID-19 pandemic

TuttiSpace – Free Resources for Teachers

Free Resources for UK Creatives and Teachers.

Get into Theatre

Get Into Theatre is the essential website to help you find all the information and opportunities you need to pursue a successful career in theatre.

#IsolatedArtists: Instagram Live Stream Interviews with members of our Industry.

To try and combat all things isolating and unsettling during this time, Tom Jackson Greaves has set up a live stream on his Instagram page each day where he will be speaking with artists, directors, designers, technicians, dancers and more. They will be talking about cancelled projects, their stories and their roles in the Industry.

Currently their are interviews scheduled with people in the Industry on Thursday 19th March throughout the day – and he is calling for anyone interested in being interviewed to get in touch!

If you would like to tune in or get involved, please see below.

#ArtQuarantined – Online Portrait and Art Challenges

Announcing #ArtQuarantined, an art-making challenge.⁠ This page has been set-up to enable us all to come together through creativity.

We will set a challenge, you simply submit your photos or videos using #artclassified and #artquarantined for story shoutouts. The best submissions will be featured on the artclassified grid.⁠

Social Distancing Festival – Online streams to art events

Check out the LIVE-STREAMS page, or click through the calendar to find out about streamed events from all over the world!

Watch the wind in the willows musical online for free (uk only)


Lobbying your local MP

We have collaborated with the SOLT, UK Theatre,  the Professional Lighting and Sound Association (PLASA), Production Services Association (PSA) on an initiative called #EventsForTheFuture. The aim is to petition the Government to provide more support to give the events sector a chance of survival through Covid-19 into 2021. Please download and customise one of these letters and send  to your local MP to campaign for further support from the government.

The main objectives for Government support are to:

  • Immediately make it clear to local authorities that, as part of the supply chain, the Retail, Hospitality and Leisure grant is open to this industry.
  • Remove the £51,000 limit depending on regional variances. Many companies are located in London or major cities and this blanket ceiling across the UK is unfair.
  • Reduce the financial burden of running a business by offering other forms of recovery grants on cost of commercial rent, lease payments, insurance and business rates, tax breaks and request the banks give longer mortgage holidays to businesses in our sector. The Government needs to understand offering loans is not enough as there is no certainty.
  • Allow extension of The Furlough Scheme, which has been an essential lifeline for us and all employers in our sector to retain highly skilled staff, and which should remain for companies in sectors where the recovery is in the longer term, such as the Events, Performing Arts, Entertainment Technology, TV & Film Sectors.
  • Extend the term of support for self-employed subcontractors. Our sector’s workforce is made up of 72% self-employed freelancers and without the right support, we are in danger of losing our workforce to other sectors, widening an already apparent skills gap.

The overall aim is to ensure events and entertainment are protected in the long-term. Providing consistent messaging to Government and everyone getting involved highlights how large our sectors are collectively, along with the value to the UK economy. One organisation can’t tackle this alone, which is why the initiative is asking the industry to come together to work on this.

The Associations are also encouraging people to complete two Government surveys, the Department of Culture Media and Sport’s (DCMS) call for evidence, and the DCMS impact assessment.

More information here.

Purple Seven & TRG Arts provide venue dashboards to assist with recovery planning

Purple Seven and TRG Arts are providing all interested venues access to their own online dashboard of key metrics demonstrating the impact COVID-19 is having on their organisation.

This dashboard will enable organisations to benchmark your dataset against your peers, and provides a range of key metrics, to assist you in short and long-term recovery planning.

The data given is provided in almost real-time, making it extremely accurate and useful for business planning. As part of this arrangement, SOLT & UK Theatre will also have access to country-wide data, to enable us to compile information which we can use to lobby government.

There is no charge for signing up to and accessing your dashboard, and organisations should be able to sign up within a matter of days.

The online sign-up process is quick and easy, via this link.

New SOLT/UKT website launched to help industry prepare for post-lockdown fightback

SOLT & UK Theatre have created, an online platform highlighting a range of live and recorded webinars to equip the theatre industry with the tools to begin rebuilding after the COVID-19 lockdown ends.

Created by SOLT, UK Theatre and partner organisations and hosted by experts in their field, the webinars will cover topics currently front-of-mind to many theatre industry professionals including business interruption planning, audience development following extreme events, and professional and personal resilience.

The webinars have been designed to appeal to a range of levels of experience. Most do not require SOLT or UK Theatre membership to join, as the aim is to provide advice and support to as many offstage industry professionals as possible – whether someone is working from home on business planning, furloughed and needing inspiration, or new to the industry and wanting professional development.

To make them as accessible as possible many of the webinars will be free of charge – with some SOLT and UK Theatre sessions giving the option to make a contribution, to be split between the two organisations and the invited speaker. Some partner webinars may have a cost attached.

We are extremely grateful to all our sponsors for their ongoing support, and all the consultants and agencies we are working with on this project, many of whom have donated their time to help the industry as it rebuilds itself. has been created by SOLT/UK Theatre’s digital team within the last three weeks as a direct response to the extraordinary events of recent weeks. More webinars will be programmed in the coming weeks based on feedback and suggestions from the theatre sector.

Full information about each webinar can be found on on the webinar event pages.

People Powered

A group of mobilised freelancers called People Powered have offered to help the NHS. If you coul dhelp or want to spread the word you can follow them on Twitter here.


With venues closing, tv and film production postponed and festivals cancelled, more than half of creative organisations and individuals have already seen a 100% drop in income. As such, the Creative Industries Federation has launched #OurWorldWithout which highlights what a world without culture would look like. The aim of this is to encourage the government to release urgent funding to help creative organisations and professionals who are facing particularly challenging times.

3DCrowd UK

There are volunteers across the UK who are producing 3D printed Face Shields to help address the shortage of PPE int he UK during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you have a 3D Printer you can help. If you have time available to package the PPE you can help. If you know anyone in need of PPE – you can help. Just get in touch!

PPE and Theatres

  1. Does your theatre have any PPE equipment from your making workshops that might be better put to use by the NHS right now? Masks, gloves, protective clothing, sponges and wipes? We heard that the ROH and Museumshave already given London Ambulance / NHS PPE equipment. We thought it was an amazing idea. So if your theatre hasn’t already done so, and you’d like to, we recommend contacting your local NHS / ambulance service / care homes to see what they need, and if you have anything suitable to safely donate. If you are in London, please email to see what they need / can use.
  2. For the love of scrubs… Members of the public up and down the country have been busy making scrubs, scrubs bags and hairbands for their local NHS. We learnt that the Stephen Joseph Theatre’s Wardrobe AssistantIsabel Innes and other theatre makers have also been doing the same.

Call out for content supporting NHS

We’re writing a piece about how the theatre community is coming together to support NHS staff / key workers during this time (for example, costume designers making scrubs,, etc). Please send anything relevant to be included to

NEW INQUIRY: Impact of COVID-19 on DCMS sectors – please respond

Thank you to those members who have let us know they have responded to this enquiry. If you are yet to do so, please do directly submit evidence here by Friday 1st May. It will help to show how widely the impact of COVID-19 is being felt across the UK, by different types of organisations and individuals in the theatre sector. Please, if you don’t mind, also drop a note to say if you are going to submit as knowing the number of people / orgs submitting in our sector will be useful in our advocacy.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Government Guidance Library

Alongside DCMS, we are pleased to bring together on our SOLT and UK Theatre websites links to all the government schemes and advice for the different parts of the theatre sector, whether you are a theatre, a production company, one of the many companies in the theatre ecology, or an individual who works in the sector. These links should take you to the latest “live” pages on other websites with the latest guidance and help.

Mandy’s Mini Home Movie Fest

While the world is in lockdown, many of us in the creative industries may find ourselves between work, with projects on hold or simply without a platform to unleash our creativity. Are you self-isolating with you, yourself and great ideas?Mandy’s Mini Home Movie Fest is your ticket to maximising your time indoors. Our brand new, international festival will see creatives from across the world write, shoot and direct original mini-movies from their own home, with the opportunity to win BIG!

Do you have theatre people can watch from home?

The government has put together an ongoing list of theatre, music and dance shows to watch from home during this period. If you would like your theatre’s show added, email

For London
Official London Theatre are listing all ways to watch theatre from home and promoting this via our social media channels. Please send all updates to for inclusion. We are also planning to repurpose the press night diary for people to book their streamings to avoid clashes.

For UK Theatre
Theatre Tokens are listing ways to watch theatre from home for participating venues in the scheme and promoting this via their social media channels and in geo-targeted emails. Please send all updates to for inclusion.

Stay At Home Messaging

We’d like to use the power of the theatre industry to encourage people to stay at home. If any actors/creatives can post content of what they are doing whilst staying at home, or a video message encouraging others to stay at home, we can share this on our channels.

Theatre charities campaign

Please visit the newly launched website. Please do share and retweet social posts about this initiative.


SOLT and UK Theatre announce new Instagram Live series, #WestEndWarmUp, where Dance Captains/Choreographers will take us through a 30 minute pre-show warm-up. Tomorrow morning at 9.30am, Resident Choreographer of Waitress, Leanne Pinder will launch the series.

Cultural Institutions & Events affected by Coronavirus worldwide

Brunswick Arts has compiled a database of cultural institutions and events affected by Coronavirus globally.
Please help us to keep this database up to date with the latest information by adding any institutions or events you’re aware of.

This Google Sheet can be edited by anyone, so that we have a centralised resource of those who are affected.

If you’d like a weekly update of how Coronavirus is affecting culture and creative industries worldwide, you can sign up to the Brunswick Arts ‘Cultural Conversations’ by clicking this link.

Open Source – Google Sheet: Cultural Institutions & Events affected by Coronavirus worldwide


Relevant COVID 19 Resources:


Supporting Mental Resilience in the Performing Arts During COVID-19, Monday 11 May, 11.00 to 12.00noon

Presented by SOLT & UK Theatre with Maria Pattinson.

During times of uncertainty we can find solace and courage in self-compassion, hopefulness, feeling cared for and connected to our communities of belonging. This webinar introduces four simple and effective practices to increase mental resilience and keep ourselves connected to a sense of wellbeing. An invitation to consciously reflect upon what works for; what might you do differently and where you can get help.

h Club London Membership

h Club London (formerly The Hospital Club) have today announced the launch of a brand new free online membership for people who work in the creative industries. The initiative will last for the duration of the COVID-19 lockdown period. The club hopes to support and connect individuals during this challenging time. This new online membership will provide creatives with networking opportunities with new and existing members of the clubs in varying creative industries, both in London and LA. Members will be given access to the club’s content via desktop and app which includes: the members news feed, where people can callout for project collaborators and test new ideas; the members network, where members can directly message each other, and the newsletter, which includes news from the club, helpful content and links to contributor blogs. Interested parties will need to fill out an application via, and all successful applicants will be notified within 48 hours of submitting an application.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Government Guidance Library

Alongside DCMS, we are pleased to bring together on our SOLT and UK Theatre websites links to all the government schemes and advice for the different parts of the theatre sector, whether you are a theatre, a production company, one of the many companies in the theatre ecology, or an individual who works in the sector. These links should take you to the latest “live” pages on other websites with the latest guidance and help.

Lifting equipment & other testing

HSE recognises the potential challenges when carrying out legal requirements for thorough examination and testing (TE&T) of plant and equipment as a result of the additional precautions people need to take to help reduce risk of transmission of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and has produced guidance to help industry during this period.

Coronavirus Status Checker

A new Coronavirus Status Checker tool has been launched which will help the NHS understand more about how and where Coronavirus is affecting people. The tool will help inform the response to the virus so please share this across your channels and with your stakeholders.

COVID Information website

The Cross-Sector Safety & Security Communications (CSSC) has entered into a partnership with a very useful website titled ‘The Covid Telegraph’. This new site has accumulated facts, articles and advice in relation to the Covid-19 virus, all from trusted sources and verified by leading experts. The link to the Telegraph is here.

 The Stage’s Coronavirus Live Updates

Several industry announcements have been made over the past few days, whether it’s proposed venue reopening dates, the rescheduling of shows, new sources of financial support or digital assets. With so much changing, it can often be quite difficult to keep up-to-date with everything that’s going on. That’s why we’d recommend visiting  The Stage’s Coronavirus Live Updates. Not only does it collate all of the latest industry news relevant to COVID-19 but does so on one accessible page.

Arts Council England: COVID Support

We are making £160 million of emergency funding available for those organisations and individuals who will need it during this crisis, and we have also changed the funding requirements for individuals and organisations currently in receipt of our funding, to help alleviate pressure on them as best we can.

Stage One

Stage One are adapting the way they work to support producers across the UK. They have launched an emergency fund which has supported nearly 30 producers with over £65,000 to mitigate losses sustained by loss of paid work or for those who do not qualify for the government support schemes.  They have also created a series of webinars called ZOOM IN ON. Each week an established producer will host an hour long Q & A, the first one was hosted last week by Stage One’s Chief Executive, Joe Smith. Joe provided candid advice to the 60 attendees and answered their questions. If you would like any more information on any of the schemes Stage One runs please get in touch with the Programme Manager,

Chancellor expands loan scheme for large businesses

A government-backed loan scheme for large businesses affected by coronavirus has been expanded to cover all viable firms, the Chancellor announced yesterday. Outlining further details of the Coronavirus Large Business Interruption Loans Scheme (CLBILS) ahead of its launch on Monday, government has said all firms with a turnover of more than £45 million will now be able to apply for up to £25 million of finance, and up to £50 million for firms with a turnover of more than £250 million.

Home working ergonomics & Wellbeing

With the extended lockdown, promoting the health & safety of your workers is vital. IOSH have created guidance to explain how we can help develop a positive mindset when working remotely.

Template letter to send to your MP

We have created an updated letter/email template for you to send to your MP/s. This follows the first template letter we provided on the 16th March. This new letter also allows space to talk to your MP about recovery, the work you’ve been doing online with schools for instance, and to select the top three issues of most relevance to your local theatre.

Self-Employed –

Following on from the letter we signed to the Chancellor on Friday, the following campaign has also been launched by IPSE on asking for government to create an emergency fund to support freelancers with Coronavirus income loss. You can sign this here if you’d like to.

Centralised information about how and where you can access support if you work in the theatre industry.

Online Industry Resources: USITT

USITT have put together a fantastic list of relevant resources which are being updated daily. Do check these out!

Love and resources in the time of Corona Blog

This is an ongoing, imperfect, and updating list of any resources we can find for artists, creatives, and makers who are struggling with lost work or want to share work during the global Covid-19 pandemic.

TAIT ready willing and able to deploy Emergency Resources 

Mandy have produced various resources to help out during the current crisis:

Click here for Mandy Guides on everything from writing a covering letter to working on tour.

Getting into the world of Theatre

Theatre job titles and descriptions

Sign up page for students: – Follow the link to sign up to the site. I’ve also attached a flyer for students with the 3 months free student offer.

TV and film psychologist Charlotte Armitage from YAFTA also produced this article on How to Stay Calm and Positive in the Current Climate.


Financial Resources and Support:

One of the biggest concerns for many during this time is a lack of financial stability. Below is a list of funds, packages and resources which look to address this issue:

There are also some really useful links on the Independent Theatre Council’s website.

Self-Employment Scheme update

We have an important update on the Self Employment scheme that we have received from HMT which confirms the scheme will now be delivered ahead of the original June schedule – with individuals able to apply for the grant from 13 May. 

HMRC will begin contacting eligible self-employed individuals this week by email, text and letter to inform them that they are eligible and explain what they need to do to apply. Applications will open in tranches using the Unique Tax Reference (UTR) number given to all self-employed taxpayers. To provide further support to the claims process, HMT have today launched an online eligibility checker tool. This will also provide eligible self-employed individuals with a confirmed date from 13 May from which they will be able to apply for their grant.

The guidance has also been updated and can be found at the links below:

As you will note, there are now 3 pages covering 1) information relating to eligibility in general; 2) information relating to eligibility for those in specific circumstances; and 3) detailed information on how HMRC will calculate eligibility and the value of the grant, including worked examples.

The updated guidance provides clarifications on some of the queries passed onto HMT:

  • It provides detail on how individuals or their business can be “adversely affected” by COVID-19, in order to claim the grant.
  • It clarifies that if individuals have taken parental leave at any point between the end of 2018-19 and now, they can still claim the SEISS, as parental leave is not considered a break in trading.
  • It states that the grant provides three months’ worth of support, but it is not tied to a specific time period, and confirms that the grant is capped at £7,500.
  • It explains how the eligibility criteria applies the 50% rule. The guidance now compares your trading profits to your non-trading income.
  • It clarifies that, for the purposes of calculating non-trading income, the only social security benefits used are the taxable benefits.
  • It sets out the position on late tax returns, tax returns under enquiry, and amended tax returns.
  • It sets out the information that individuals will need to provide when they make their claim.
  • It sets out the records that individuals will need to maintain after claiming the grant.
  • It provides details of how to contact HMRC in case of any queries.

Managing Financial Difficulties: guidance and a toolkit for arts and cultural organisations

Created in partnership with Arts Council England this new guidance and toolkit has been developed with the aim of offering practical, realistic and holistic support to organisations as they come to terms with and respond to financial crises.  It draws on Dawn and Susan’s extensive experience of working with organisations in financial difficulty, including Susan’s work as an insolvency practitioner and Dawn’s role as Director, Organisational Development at the Arts Council.

The materials were created before the current crisis hit but the advice, tools and templates could scarcely be more relevant.

An additional £2million – Scotland’s creative community

Announced yesterday, the extra £1million from the Scottish Government and £1million from the Freelands Foundation will be used to increase the original £2million Creative Scotland Bridging Bursary Fund (Arts and Creative).

Stabilisation Fund – Wales

This fund for organisations is now open. It is there to support arts organisations working in the not-for-profit sector in Wales who are experiencing immediate financial difficulty due to loss of income, as well as cashflow pressures resulting from the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic.

Security Self-Assessment

CPNI have created a checklist to assist organisations in understanding its strengths and weaknesses with respect to organisational security assurance during a Pandemic such as COVID-19.

Job Retention Scheme

The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme is extended through June and is now open for claims. You may also find this calculator useful.

Treasury webinar – Thursday @ 2pm

On Thursday SOLT/UK Theatre have arranged a webinar with some of the experts in the Treasury working on various COVID-19 schemes.

If you have any questions you would like  them to answer on this, or other issues – please email these by 9am Thursday morning to CEO office.

To register in advance for this webinar, please click here.

Farnham Maltings offers grants to South East based theatre-makers

Farnham Maltings wants to support South East based theatre-makers in their towns and villages to create new work right now which responds to and supports our communities in these extraordinary and difficult times.

They are offering a limited programme of grants from £500 to £5000 to support artists to create theatre experiences with and for their community.

BFI announces COVID-19 Film and TV Emergency Relief Fund plus other sector advice

The BFI and The Film and TV Charity have partnered to create a new Covid-19 Film and TV Emergency Relief Fund to help support the creative community. More information on how to register soon (page will be updated once registrations are live).

The Arts Resilience Fund Wales – update

Arts Council Wales has released more details on their Coronavirus support fund. The timeline currently is:

  • Tuesday 14 April 2020 – launch the first round of applications to a new fund offering support to individuals facing immediate financial difficulty and hardship – the Urgent Response Fund for Individuals. The application guidelines and FAQ document on this fund will be published on their website on Thursday 9 April.
  • Tuesday 21 April 2020 – opening for applications to a further scheme – a Stabilisation Fund for Organisations.
  • Friday 29 May 2020 – open for applications to a Stabilisation Fund for Individuals


Help and Well being Resources:

The Theatre Helpline is a free, independent and confidential phone and email service that provides support to people working in the theatre industry.

Trained staff are available to offer support and signposting on any topic which affects your wellbeing.

The Theatrical Guild:

The Theatrical Guild are a UK charity for backstage and front of house workers, with over 125 years’ experience helping people.

You can talk to them about practical help at any stage of your career – from welfare and debt advice to financial support and counseling. The Theatrical Guild helps people across the UK to recover from ill health, overcome sudden set-backs, expand their skillsets, or speak with a counsellor. Every application is handled in total confidence and we will never speak to your employer about your circumstances.


The British Association for Performing Arts Medicine (BAPAM) is a unique charity set up to help anyone working in live performance to stay healthy.
In addition, the ISM Members Fund may be able to meet the costs of necessary treatment for members unable to cover these themselves.

BAPAM hosts free online one-to-one advice sessions on Health and Wellbeing:

BAPAM holds free clinics where practitioners can obtain a free consultation with a clinician who has expertise appropriate to those who work in the performing arts.
These are currently being done via telephone. To book an appointment call 0207 804 844

UK NAWC (National Arts Wellbeing Collective)

UK NAWC is made up of individuals and organisations who are committed to improve health and well being of people working with or for us in the arts, cultural and heritage employment sectors of the UK. They are a fantastic resource where you can find guidance and information about health and well-being, services, charities and organisations that can assist you.

Working from home – Creative ways to support mental health

The March Network of which UKT are one of the founding members has released this resource for ‘Creative Isolation’ – some home-based, creative ways to support mental health during this period.

Guidance on mental health

The UK Government have issued new guidance on mental health and well-being which you may want to share with your workforce

Free Memberships:

Creative Industries Federation- Free Membership for Freelancers

We are only as strong as our membership and we need creatives from across the country to join us at this time of crisis for the sector. We are encouraging freelancers – who will be some of the hardest hit –  to join us as a Creative Industries Federation Member free of charge for the next three months, so we can support you with relevant news and updates whilst you navigate the challenges of the ongoing Coronavirus emergency. You can find out more about this offer here. Please do share this with anyone you know who has been affected by the fallout from coronavirus.


Free Training:

We know that a lot of freelancers are using this unexpected free time to acquire some new skills and training. For those wanting to do something similar, we would recommend visiting Production Futures who have put together a brilliant list of free tutorials, webinars and videos. There is alsoNCRQ who are offering their Safety for Managers online qualifications free of charge. More recommendations below:

Multiverse Wireless DMX Webinar Series – May through June 2020

Discover more about Multiverse technology and future of wireless DMX in the lighting world in our Multiverse Wireless DMX Webinar Series, starting May 7, 2020. The series includes six weekly 30-minute webinars on consecutive Thursdays starting at 11AM EDT, and is ideal for lighting professionals looking to hone their skills for their next wireless DMX/RDM project, and ask questions about wireless DMX directly to the wireless experts at City Theatrical.

Health & Safety Software and Virtual Learning

Blue Lemon are offering the accident reporting module of their full management system free of charge to members, this include the ability to report accidents live and track any trends which may be present in your venue with the ability to eventually benchmark yourself against the whole industry. Contact for more information. In addition RB Health & Safety courses are now being run virtually, meaning you can ensure staff are up to date on critical training before the venues are back in operation. There is a range of courses which can be run in this format, contact or go to for more information.

Learn from the multi-award winning LED specialists, Chroma-Q

Chroma-Q®, a multi-award winning manufacturer of LED solutions have announced they will be offering free weekly training webinars on a number of lighting topics, enabling you to develop and expand your knowledge from the comfort of your own home.

Upcoming webinars in the series:

  • White LED in practice – Friday 24th April
  • Colour references and LED – CRI/TM-30 and more – Friday 1st May
  • Camera sensors and LED lighting – Friday 8th May
  • LED fixture for installs, what to consider – Friday 15th May

Keep an eye out on the Chroma-Q website and social channels for the latest information.

Riedel Academy – training program launched

Rather than being cramped up in a webinar “room” full of distractions and poor connectivity, why not get an in-depth training that involves you personally, allows for immediate questions to our experts and challenges you with exercises.

During these times of crisis, our virtual personal training sessions are free of charge until further notice.
Join Riedel Academy online and book a session with our experienced trainers to excel in your production environment.

ETC introduces On Headset learning

ETC has introduced On Headset, a new audio series that allows listeners to programme a major theatrical production in realtime whilst listening to the audio cues of a lighting designer.
“Our goal with this project is to fill the gap between the traditional classroom or ‘e-training’ methods of console learning and actually sitting behind an Eos desk in a theatre,” explains ETC senior field service engineer Victor Seastone, “This is a console flight simulator to help with both.”

TAIT is now offering free online training courses for iQ Powered by Navigator to the live event community. By providing these courses, everyone interested in participating is given an opportunity to learn, engage and prepare for future automation experiences, says the company.
Whether a first-time learner or an experienced show operator, the iQ Training Video Series is tailored to all levels of entertainment automation. After watching the series, viewers will know how to operate machines using a variety of methods, add windows to workspaces, create time saving pre-sets, program a show using various cue lines and organizational helpers, as well as stop and restart cues.

Meyer Sound training programme goes daily

Owing to overwhelming response to an initial daily offering of online training content the past few weeks, the Meyer Sound education team has launched an ongoing comprehensive webinar programme. The content blocks will offer a natural progression of subject matter, providing attendees both practical knowledge for honing skills as well case studies for reference. The instructors will review specialty tools that cover a diverse set of solutions across all industry verticals. The education team also welcomes attendees to choose from an à la carte menu to create every other Friday “On Demand” programming via a weekly poll through the Meyer Sound Users Community Facebook group.

For easy access to these popular course offerings, simply click on the Zoom link to join the English sessions at the scheduled times: run approximately one hour, are free and no registration required. Upcoming training sessions are listed in the Meyer Sound events calendar at
The webinars are recorded and archived on YouTube at

Zero 88 ramps up Zoom online opportunities

Lighting control manufacturer Zero 88 has seriously ramped up its available online consultations and training opportunities.
A busy and dynamic schedule includes 42 x Zoom training sessions each month which will run for as long as the crisis lasts.
Zero 88 product manager Jon Hole commented, “With the whole live music, events and performance industry shut down, we want to be as positive, forward-thinking and helpful as we can to anyone who is already using or keen to know more about some of the core Zero 88 products.”
The Zero 88 Home Page has full details of what’s available and interested parties can sign up on the spot.

FREE ABTT AutoCAD 3D Tutorial…

Do you have some time available during the current situation? Then you could improve your CAD skills with our FREE 3D Tutorial covering the basics in moving from 2D to 3D drafting in AutoCAD.

Covering extruding existing drawings, creating basic shapes through to creating a rendered image and simple fly-through, you can sign up today and develop your skills.
Like the AutoCAD for Theatre Technicians Course, full support is available from the tutor, David Ripley.

You can access the FREE 3D Tutorial using the details and link below:

Password: Proscenium

URL: 7

For information about the AutoCAD online Training for Theatre Technicians please click here.

Zero 88 Zooms Up the Online Training Opportunities

Zero 88 product manager Jon Hole commented, “With the whole live music, events and performance industry shut down … we want to be as positive, forward-thinking and helpful as we can to anyone who is already using or keen to know more about some of the core Zero 88 products.”

/ has full details of what’s available and interested parties can sign up on the spot!

ETC – Free online training courses

ABTT Platinum ISG Member ETC are offering free training courses online to those that require them. Details on the courses offered cam be found here:

Artistic Licence – DMX – Workshop upgraded

DMX-Workshop, the free software application for lighting network management, analysis, configuration and diagnostics, is available in a new version for download. It offers functionality across many protocols, including Art-Net, sACN, DMX512, RDM, VLC and DALI.

Grand MA2 Network course – £10+vat to charity

ABTT Silver ISG Member Ambersphere are offering MA Training. The platform offers an interactive, guided and user-centered online learning environment for /MA Products. Combining a tutorial videos, multiple choice and quiz questions, the system lets you delve deeper in to the world of MA Products.

Free Webinars from green hippo

Green Hippo is offering free online webinars over the next few weeks to cover several different topics catered for new and existing Hippo users.

Free training for freelancers


Free Demos and Temporary/Educational Licenses:

Reaper – Free temporary licence

REAPER is a complete digital audio production application for computers, offering a full multitrack audio and MIDI recording, editing, processing, mixing and mastering toolset.
REAPER supports a vast range of hardware, digital formats and plugins, and can be comprehensively extended, scripted and modified.

Audacity: Free, open source, cross-platform audio software

Audacity is an easy-to-use, multi-track audio editor and recorder for Windows, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux and other operating systems.
Developed by a group of volunteers as open source.

Qlab – Free Qlab 4 pro bundle until June 1st (Educational email required)

QLab is sound, video and lighting control for macOS. It’s used by everyone from Ars Nova to War Horse on Broadway.

Cinema4D – Free Educational Licence

Cinema 4D Release 20 is now available as an Educational License for students, apprentices and teachers.

The new Cinema 4D Release 20 extends the creative possibilities of up and coming 3D artists with new features such as volume-based modeling, Fields, multi-instances and a node-based material system.

Sketchup Free

Your free 3D modeling software. Make anything you can imagine, without downloading a thing.

Mad Mapper – Free demo version

MadMapper is an advanced tool for video and light mapping. Fast and Easy to use it is now on MAC & WINDOWS.

Modul8 – Free demo

Modul8 is a software for live visual performance developed by GarageCube.

Adobe creative cloud – 7 day free trial – educational discount to £16.24/month

Blender – free modelling

Blender is the free and open source 3D creation suite. It supports the entirety of the 3D pipeline—modeling, rigging, animation, simulation, rendering, compositing and motion tracking, video editing and 2D animation pipeline.


Free Tech Support:

Free tech support and training from zero88
As venues close and events are cancelled across the world, we want to help in whatever small way we can. We’d like to offer you a 20-minute free session, 1-on-1, with one of our technical support team. We’ll phone you at a time and on a number that’s convenient to you. We can help in any way you wish, but here are a few ideas:
1) Set you up with a free visualiser, allowing you to perfect your programming skills
2) Teach you how to create fixture personalities to use in the future
3) Guiding you through updating the software on your Zero 88 equipment
4) Discussing what products might be most suitable for you in the future