ABTT Seminar: Visualisation, CAD, and Scanning in Theatre

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8 May | 12:30 pm - 1:30pm

, Online Event

ABTT Seminar: Visualisation, CAD, and Scanning in Theatre

Don’t miss “Visualisation, CAD, and Scanning in Theatre,” an enlightening and comprehensive online seminar highlighting the cutting-edge visualisation technology shaping the future of theatre.

Guided by Ryan Metcalfe, CEO of Preevue, you’ll witness firsthand how 3D digital twins of iconic theatres are revolutionising the way we design and experience productions.

Dive into the broad spectrum of scanning technologies, from high-end terrestrial LiDAR to the convenience of iPhone scanning, including innovative techniques like photogrammetry, NeRFs, and Gaussian Splats.

We’ll cover the spectrum, from professional-grade tools to techniques that fit in your pocket, ensuring there’s a takeaway for everyone, regardless of expertise or budget.

Learn how crucial software and hardware bring these breakthroughs to life, offering practical knowledge on their integration within different theatre departments within a venue or on a production.

With Preevue’s track record of collaboration with leading names like LW Theatres, ATG, the National Theatre, RSC, the Royal Opera House, and the English National Opera, expect invaluable insights into real-world applications of these technologies.

Register today to explore the current and future landscape of theatre technology, and how it’s being used to create more immersive, engaging productions, whilst streamlining ever-advancing technological requirements of the world’s largest shows.