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6 October 2022 | 7:00 am - 7:00pm

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FREE Online ITEAC Horizon Event
Uniting theatre-makers from five continents, ITEAC is the International Theatre Engineering and Architecture Conference, a global forum to look at the places where we make and experience performance.The build-up to our next conference in 2023, begins with a free event on 6th October 2022.

This event is made up of a series of twelve short online sessions curated by theatre-makers from around the world. The Horizon Event will begin to explore the three themes of ITEAC 2023, which are driving dramatic change in theatre and theatre space:

  • Environmental Sustainability
  • The Digital Revolution
  • The need to connect with Communities


Beginning our exploration of the themes of Environmental Sustainability, Digital and Community, we’ll be looking at recent Japanese theatres designed to engage with their communities, at cutting-edge work from New York and London in virtual and augmented reality.

We’ll examine sustainability in Australia, and the push to support digital development across Hong Kong, Seoul and Singapore. We’ll hear a debate from Paris about the theatre of the future, and be inspired by the visionary work of Idartes in Colombia. National Theatre Wales has integrated communities into its decision-making. Surprise Lab in Taiwan has reached out to audiences beyond theatre. From Mumbai we’ll look at the challenge of creating new communities for a new building, while from Mexico and Colombia we discuss how to create spaces for performance in vulnerable communities, and look at how the ground-breaking Art of Facing Fear used digital innovation creatively to generate a global experience of performance.

Join theatre-makers around the world on 6th October in a diverse and wide-ranging exploration of the key challenges facing global theatre. You can see the full programme with the global timings here.