Freelancers Tea Break

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14 January 2021 | 11:00 am - 11:30am

Thursdays at 11am – 11.30am
Weekly throughout October

Freelancers Tea Break

Fancy a cuppa?

An open invitation to FMTW’s virtual Green Room for those who have missed checking in with their work family!!!  Bring a cuppa and grab a comfortable seat as we find a way to be together.  Turn up if you can and for as long as you can.  When you arrive, you will be randomly allocated a breakout room of no more than five people to chat informally for twenty minutes: you could talk about work, politics or Bake Off (although we ask that you are careful with spoilers).

For those who would rather catch up with folks you know, we encourage you to set up your own Freelance Tea Break:  it could be over the phone, on Zoom or shouting over your garden fence. We would love for you to share your experiences using #FreelanceTeaBreak.

The Freelance Tea Break Zoom Link will be posted here at 1055 every Thursday.

This is designed to be a safe, informal space.

If you feel uncomfortable at any time please let the host know and they will deal with any situations arising accordingly.