RC Annie: DE-ROLE (Online)

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4 March | 6:30 pm - 8:30pm


RC Annie: DE-ROLE (Online)

DATE: 4th of March 6.30pm

A new Rc-Annie training for Performers and Stage Managers

Acting requires one to be vulnerable. Even the most experienced actors can suffer the effects of playing emotionally exhausting scenes night after night. De-roling is about taking time to remove the role after rehearsals, a show, or the run.
We use a process of connecting to the neutral body, shifting the mode of embodiment from that of the Character back to the Actor.


Performers, Stage managers


An interactive online session. We explain what de-roling is and why it’s useful, then Rachel Bown-Williams, a Kundalini Global Yoga Teacher specialising in breath work and mastering addictive & anxious behaviours, will teach a yoga based method to de-role.


Learn how to de-role, and take away the knowledge of how to regulate your autonomic nervous system with Kundalini yoga and breath work.

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