UK Theatre: Outside the Box Conference

7 September 2022 | 10:00 am - 5:00pm


UK Theatre: Outside the Box Conference

‘Break Boundaries with Non-Traditional Theatre: Spaces, Content, Distribution’

We’ve gathered the biggest names in site-specific, experiential, immersive, and digital theatre to present the pioneering ways of thinking, techniques, and technology that are pushing the boundaries of what theatre can do. Learn how to take theatre from the stage and bring it right into people’s homes, into impossible spaces, and into imaginations.

Immersive & Experiential
Discuss how theatre can draw on the experience & techniques of other forms of entertainment to expand the artistic form.

Pop-Ups & Festivals
Explore the unique challenges and solutions that affect pop-up theatre and festivals.

Non-Traditional & Sit-Specific
Discover the ways that theatre can go beyond the proscenium arch and into unusual spaces.

Digital & VR
Make the most of the technology and formats that allow theatre to reach new audiences and new horizons.

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