First In, Last Out – 16 March

15 February 2021

SOLT/UK Theatre will be marking 16 March, the anniversary of theatres closing, with an industry-wide press and social campaign, linked to raising awareness about the challenges still facing the industry and what we need to move forward, whilst also raising awareness for the Theatre Artists Fund as help and support is still desperately needed.

As part of the social media element of the campaign, from tomorrow SOLT/UK Theatre will be launching a series of videos with high profile theatre makers, talking about the turning points in their lives when they needed help.

This will build up to 16 March when they will be asking everyone to post #FirstInLastOut across their social channels.

Please find more information on our selfie and video requests in the PDF here (NB: please do not share the collage and videos in the PDF on any social media platforms).

Please get involved and share the PDF with any contacts you have who would be willing to participate.