Four draft standards now open for review on ESTA website

4 October 2022

Four draft standards are available for public review and comment on the ESTA website. More details below.

Four draft standards are available for public review and comment on the ESTA website at The downloads are free. Please note the comment due dates, which are not all the same. The documents in public review are:


BSR E1.20, Entertainment Technology — Remote Device Management Over USITT DMX512 Networks. The existing E1.20 – 2010, Entertainment Technology–Remote Device Management over USITT DMX512 Networks, is being revised to clarify ambiguities, fix bugs, and incorporate some additional features. E1.20 is an extension to USITT DMX512 and ANSI E1.11 that allows for bi-directional communication on the primary data link. This allows a controller to discover RDM-enabled devices on the link, to set starting addresses and other configuration settings, and to request status messages. The project also is to reinstate E1.20 as an American National Standard. It has lost that status due to being over-age. Comments are due no later than November 28.


BSR E1.37-5, General Purpose Messages for E1.20, RDM, is to provide additional Get/Set parameter messages (PIDs) for use with the E1.20 Remote Device Management protocol. The public review package is a ZIP file with folders of 128 JSON examples. The standard is E1-37-5 General Purpose PIDs r30 2022-09-01.pdf. Comments on any of the files are welcome, but only comments on E1-37-5 General Purpose PIDs r30 2022-09-01.pdf will be formally considered and resolved. Comments are due no later than November 28.


BSR E1.59, Entertainment Technology–Object Transform Protocol (OTP), describes a mechanism to transfer object transform information such as position, orientation and velocity over an IP network using a subset of the ACN protocol suite. It covers data format, data protocol, data addressing, and network management. Data transmitted is intended to coordinate visual and audio elements of a production. The existing standard is being revised to include new modules for camera metadata. Comments are due no later than November 28.


BSR E1.76, Tension Wire Grids, covers the design and application criteria for wire-rope tension grids, including the loading, self-weight considerations, transitions between levels, and suspension from the building structure. It provides deflection criteria for structural elements and the woven mesh. The standard offers guidance on openings, including trap doors and bays similar to loft-wells. It provides requirements for hand rails and step units, and considerations for other accessories. Comments on this draft standard are due no later than November 14—a sooner deadline than the other’s.