Guidance in the nations of the UK

2 September 2020

Guidance in the nations of the UK


Today (02/09/2020): As of 15 August we are now at Stage Four of the roadmap. This means that socially distanced indoor and outdoor performances can take place in line with this guidance, though we encourage organisations to continue to work outdoors wherever possible. In addition, musicians, dancers and actors, and the technical and operational teams that support performing arts production, can resume training, rehearsals and recorded performances where organisations wish and are able to. Dance studios are also open and should follow guidance for providers of grassroots sport and gym/leisure facilities. As set out in more detail in the government’s roadmap for recovery any further steps to continue to open up the economy will be dependent on the state of the epidemic at the time and the trajectory of cases being stable or remaining in decline.



Today (02/09/2020): Events under consideration Check back later for more information.



Today (02/09/2020): 10 September Review – Indicative date: Monday 14 September

Other indoor entertainment venues (e.g. theatres, live music/concert venues) following guidance such as physical distancing requirements. (Does not include nightclubs.)


Northern Ireland:

Today: Restrictions still apply: Theatres for audiences