International Code of Practice for Entertainment Rigging: Call for Public Review

24 November 2021

Mission Statement

The purpose of the International Code of Practice for Entertainment Rigging is to promote awareness and safety worldwide by providing a model code of practice with a focus on arena rigging.

The practices described in the code are intended to provide a universal foundation for those engaged in planning, managing and executing rigging.

ICOPER also provides guidelines for those who wish to develop policy, design training content or help establish certification criteria.

Public Review Comments

ICOPER is now accepting public review comments in preparation for an updated version to be released in 2022. All comments should be submitted using the Excel file ICOPER Comment Form (which also includes the current version of ICOPER for easy reference). Comments received in a different format will not be reviewed. The form should be submitted by December 10, 2021 to If you have questions, please email

If you are happy with the document in its current wording and have no suggestions for change we still want to hear from you. Either complete the first section of the ICOPER Comments Form and write “no changes or additions recommended” next to your name, or email us at with a short message telling us you are happy with the current wording and how you are using ICOPER.

You can find the details here.