#LightItInRed IV

1 March 2021

A message from #LightItInRed below:

We know the past year has been bad, we don’t need reminding!  So we’re not going to focus on that.  We’re going to focus on you.

We want to bring the live events industry together in a show of solidarity for all those still working or training and those who have had to walk away due to personal and financial hardship.

We want to show support for those who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own, for those that have lost family members, for those that have lost homes and livelihoods and for those that have put their lives on hold.

We want to send a message of hope and support.

We want to put an arm around the live events industry and let all of the individual people involved know that they are still loved and cared about.

And we would like you to help us do that.

We would like you to help us Light It In Red from Monday 15th March to Friday 19th March 2021 not only by illuminating buildings and structures but on social media too.

As the message this time is one of hope and support, we are asking people to to use the symbol of a heart to send their message.

Your support could be shown by simply posting the attached heart logo on social media or could be as grand as building a heart out of lights, flight cases or truss, and including your message of hope and support for the live events industry.

We are not asking people to break any kind of restrictions. We are not asking people to spend money, hire equipment, call in favours or bring in staff who are currently furloughed. It is about utilising the resources immediately at hand without causing any additional stress.  You could create any images or videos in advance to share from Monday 15th March.

We will not be doing a map or registration this time, but we would love for you to share any images and videos you create with us by emailing them to hello@lightitinred.co.uk with the details of Company/Individual, location, photographer/videographer and your message of hope and support to the industry so that we can share them on social media.

Please tag us in your posts using

Facebook – @lightitinred  https://www.facebook.com/lightitinred

Twitter – @LightItInRed  https://twitter.com/LightItInRed

Instagram – @light_it_in_red  https://www.instagram.com/light_it_in_red

Please also use the following hashtags

#LightItInRed, #WeMakeEvents, #GovCantSeeUs, #16March