New Mentorship Scheme Launched!!

6 March 2023

Association of Sound Designers have just Launched a New Mentorship Scheme!!

The ASD Mentorship Scheme has been re-launched and they are welcoming applications.

The Mentorship Scheme is open to Professional, Future Professional, NCO and Associate members of the ASD and aims to connect anyone working, preparing to work, or in enforced pause from work in theatre sound, to helpful and inspiring one on one conversations with peers or mentors.

Whether you are a future professional looking for advice on how to shape your career aims, a professional looking for peer to peer learning on a specific area of interest, or conversations to spark new ideas, the mentorship scheme can match and connect you with like-minded, or experienced sound professionals from across the community, for useful conversation, practical help and unique insight.

As of 2023 there is also financial support available for some Mentor/Mentee programs.

For more information on the scheme and how to apply please visit their website: