New Tier 3 announcements

15 December 2020

SOLT and UK Theatre have issued the below statement following the latest news that London, along with parts of Essex and Hertfordshire, will be placed in Tier 3 from 00:01 on Wednesday:

Today’s Government announcement placing London in Tier 3 from Wednesday 16 December is devastating news for the city’s world-leading theatre industry. The past few days have seen venues beginning to reopen with high levels of Covid-19 security, welcoming back enthusiastic, socially distanced audiences.

Theatres across London will now be forced to postpone or cancel planned performances, causing catastrophic financial difficulties for venues, producers and thousands of industry workers – especially the freelancers who make up 70% of the theatre workforce.

We urge Government to recognise the huge strain this has placed on the sector and look at rapid compensation to protect theatres and their staff over Christmas in all areas of the country under Tier 3 restrictions.

As we receive more information regarding the tier changes, including any arising from the planned review later this week for the rest of England, we will let you know.

Performing Arts Guidance – Change to alcohol serving rules
DCMS have updated their guidance to confirm that theatres, concert halls and cinemas should only serve alcohol without a substantial meal to ticketed customers during the performance and for a maximum of 60 minutes, which can be split either side of the performance or screening if required.

This has been amended to allow those venues which have staggered entrance times to be able to serve audience members when they arrive. Please note that if you serve alcohol for the full 60 minutes prior to the start of the performance, you will be unable to serve alcohol once the performance or screening has concluded. The remaining guidance around this exemption remains in place.

Coronavirus Recovery Guidance