OISTAT Forum: The Next Fifty Years Agenda

1 June 2019

OISTAT Forum: The Next 50 Years will take place on June 13, 2019 at Studio ALTA in Prague, Czech Republic.

A component of OISTAT Forum will be the OISTAT Small Congress. Alternating with our regular quadrennial Congress during World Stage Design, we will just have a modest congress in Prague as a part of our activities that day, but it is an official part for doing necessary formal business.

OISTAT Forum: The Next Fifty Years

June 13, 13:00-17:00
Studio ALTA, Prague, Czech Republic

OISTAT Forum Agenda


Opening Remarks – OISTAT President Bert Determann
What is OISTAT – Executive Director Wan-Jung Wei
WSD2021 Presentation
WSD2021 Project Leader April Viczko
Call for WSD2025 Future of OISTAT


Small Congress


Presentations of Commissions and Sub-Commissions
OISTAT Education Commission
OISTAT Performance Design Commission
OISTAT Technology Commission
OISTAT Publication and Communication Commission
OISTAT Architecture Commission
OISTAT Research Commission
OISTAT Costume Design Sub-commission
OISTAT Lighting Design Sub-commission
OISTAT Space Design Sub-commission
OISTAT Sound Design Sub-commission

Vote on Statutes changes
Presentation of OISTAT Candidate Centres
Vote on New Centre Members