Company Profile

Welcome to Acoustic Design and Architecture, where innovation meets elegance. Since2011, we’ve been leaders in  boutique architecture, specializing in hall architecture and cutting-edge technologies. Our unique focus on ‘Architectural Acoustic’ sets us apart, seamlessly blending technical expertise with creative vision for exceptional projects.

We excel in transforming public spaces like cultural centres, theatres, auditoriums, multipurpose halls, conference halls, cinemas or any event spaces into both visually stunning and acoustically perfect environments. From design to architectural acoustics, interior design, and advanced audio-visual systems, we are the intersection of “Architecture” and “technology.”

As our reputation grew, so did our commitment to delivering excellence. Partnering with leading manufacturers and suppliers, we now offer comprehensive product sales-oriented support. Since 2023, we proudly supply Auditorium Theatre Seats, Acoustic Panels, and Stage Technologies in the UK market,  leveraging our expertise to support industry players. Join us at Acoustic Design and Architecture, where every space is a masterpiece of art and technology.


Our Collections

  • Theatre-Cinema-Auditorium Seats
  • Acoustic Panel Solutions
  • Motorized Stage Curtains & Technologies

Our Services

  1. Design: We consider each project’s individual architectural needs and come up with ideas that strike a good balance between form and function as part of our design service. To guarantee exceptional presentations and illustrations, we use the latest tools for digital visualisation.
  2. Consultancy: Providing comprehensive assistance, our consultancy covers Project Development, Architectural Design, Acoustics, and Execution. Our knowledge and expertise guide clients in executing projects efficiently, optimizing budgets, solutions, and team selection.
  3. Product Supply: We offer an extensive selection of specialised brands, where quality and assurance converge. As a preeminent manufacturer and primary supplier, assurance and superiority are our top priorities for the entirety of our product line. We provide bespoke solutions for event venues, including MONSEAT Theatre-Cinema-Auditorium Seats, MONACOUSTIC Acoustic Panel Solutions, and MONSTAGE Motorised Stage Curtains & Technologies, with an emphasis on fulfilling technical specifications.
  4. Execution: Our team of experts are committed to completing your project to your satisfaction and will use their extensive knowledge to get your project achieved. Working with local teams or reliable partners in different regions allows us to operate smoothly on a global scale.

Latest Projects: