Who they are:

The Association of Scenic Artists and Makers was formed in the Summer of 2020.

​They came together in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic as an offshoot of #SceneChange discussion where UK theatre designers met to start a dialogue. Since then we’ve evolved into a growing community of scenic artists/painters. Though there is often an overlap with the design community, ASAM exists to support painters and makers at all levels.

We welcome professional scenics and makers at any stage in their careers to get involved with ASAM moving forward.

What do Scenic Artists or Makers do?

A scenic artist (or scenic painter) will paint the set, or scenery, on stage for a theatre production.
This could be for for anything from backdrops, floors, large pieces of scenery to furniture and props.
They also work for TV and film, festivals and events. Their work might extend to theme parks, escape rooms, commercial exhibitions, advertisements, animation…

Often they become makers too and alongside the myriad of paint techniques used, many also work in a more 3D way on sets, props and more. The job is hands-on, physical and a rewarding challenge.

ASAM is the voice of the scenics and makers in the UK.


What do the ASAM UK do?

The Association of Scenic Artists and Makers are a supportive network that hold bi-monthly meetings, these include discussions held via Zoom as well as socials, which we hope to have more of in-person.

They have previously held watch parties, scenic murder mysteries, bingo and Christmas quizzes alongside meeting to discuss sustainability, jobs and general scenic chat.

At the moment the best way to get directly involved is probably on via their Facebook page for a more social way of seeking advice.
Please do also use the forum for questions about scenic techniques, career advice, and ASAM itself!

To find out more information about the ASAM UK please click here.