Company Profile

Atlas is a powerful Show Control application for macOS and is designed to work with audio system processors that handle object based position data in spatial audio. Atlas takes the complexity out of programming location based information for objects on a stage and manages their positions, journeys and characteristics all from within a user friendly programming environment.

Atlas talks to the audio system processor via OSC, is simple to set up, import objects and to program! It’s designed to speed up your workflow, reduce complex OSC programming and allow you to focus on where objects are in a space rather than the OSC messages to get them there. When you program in Atlas it takes all of the objects upcoming positions into account therefore allowing Atlas to move an object in mute so its ready for its next scene, parking objects for when an object isn’t on stage by moving the object to a given location so its out of the way. With the ability to have Pallets referenced in the cue list it gives you once place to edit and operate your show from.