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Audience Systems is the UK leading manufacturer of seating for auditoria. Specialist in both retractable and auditorium seating, we manufacture in Wiltshire, UK. We work closely with customers from specification to installation, designing individual seats and layouts for each venue. We are known for our attentiveness, attention to detail and smooth installation process, and our products are designed to last, with many customers enjoying our seats and platforms for 25-30 years or more. This year we are sharing our stand with Kotobuki Group Company, Ferco Seating.



Washington Road,
West Wilts Trading Estate,
Westbury, Wiltshire
BA13 4JP


Current Projects

RSC Swan Theatre; The Roundhouse, Camden; The Studio, Sydney Opera House




Wiltons Music Hall


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Product: Retractable Seating

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Swansea Arena


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