Who they are:

Membership of the LTG is open only to those amateur theatres that own or lease the theatre premises in which their productions are mounted. (More information is available from the Secretary).

They currently have in excess of 100 member theatres right across the United Kingdom, ranging from 64 seat auditorium up to 450 seat auditorium, and our membership increases each year. This includes theatres that present only four plays per year to those that present a continuous repertoire. In most years LTG theatres present well over 800 productions to an audience approaching three-quarters of a million patrons. This means that LTG theatres not only create a huge financial turnover of several million pounds a year, but make a significant artistic and creative contribution to live theatre around the country.

What they do:

In a world of ever increasing legislation relating to such areas as Health and Safety, Premises licensing, changes to the VAT regime, Children in Performance regulations plus the latest vetting and barring scheme, the LTG are finding that our members value the ‘Grey Papers’ that we produce to explain the law and regulatory requirements.

They produce regular national and regional conferences there is the opportunity to network and share experiences, both good and bad, to learn from others experiences that will help theatres to avoid the pitfalls that others have experienced.

As a recognised national body, they are consulted by both the Department for Culture Media and Sports (DCMS) and the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) on matters that affect the amateur theatre sector and our members. They enjoy good working relationships with other non-professional theatre organisations, as well as a growing range of collaborative links with the world of professional theatre,

The LTG are also keen to promote a healthy UK youth drama scene, new writing and the acquisition of high-quality skills in all areas of the Performing Arts.

They recognise that theatre practitioners and venue owners are stronger if we all work together.

To find out more about the Little Theatre Guild please see here.