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Mayr are global market leaders in the design, manufacture and supply of safety brakes, torque limiters and shaft couplings for rotary and linear drive systems. Our products are designed to save you money, reduce your downtime and improve the safety of your application. In the stage, theatre and live performance industries, Mayr brakes are recognised as the industry standard and are used wherever safety is a critical consideration or where designs must meet industry standards such as ISO17206. Mayr’s products are continually evolving and our newest brake the ROBA-stop-stage allows designers to develop products that are lighter, cheaper, smaller, quieter and safer than ever before. Mayr – protecting our customers since 1897!


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At this year’s ABTT show Mayr will be displaying our revolutionary new safety brake the ROBA-stop®-stage. ROBA-stop®-stage offers ISO17206 compliant redundant braking without doubling the brake torque. Its unique and patented operating principle allows designers to develop stage equipment that is smaller, lighter, quieter and cheaper than ever before whilst still delivering class leading levels of safety and reliability. Also on the stand will be a line shaft solution becoming increasingly popular in stage lift applications, the ROBA ES. The ROBA ES elastomeric, double jointed shaft couplings offer a complete solution providing misalignment and connection up to 3,000mm direct from Mayr Transmissions”

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