Who they are:

The PMF is run by experienced professionals and is free to join.

As well as a presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, there is a closed Facebook page for PMF members to hold discussions and answer each other’s questions.

It enables members to share ideas, information and knowledge, and to connect with each other through the PMF website, social media channels, support hub, newsletters, regular forums and social events.

What they do:

The PMF aims to engage the production manager community, providing networking, visibility and ongoing professional development opportunities to its members.

Originally created by the ABTT (Association of British Theatre Technicians) and the SMA (Stage Management Association) in 2000 and still actively promoted and supported by both organisations the PMF is now self-run.

  • The PMF’s stated aims are to:
  • share ideas and knowledge
  • support and promote best practice within production management
  • connect Production Managers with each other through its website, social media channels, regular forums and social events
  • develop its website to be a vital source of information for production management professionals and students
  • publish a regular newsletter and distribute it to members, supporters and other industry bodies
  • organise regular forums throughout the UK, each one focusing on an issue relevant to production management
  • post captioned videos of its forums for reference and for those unable to attend the event
  • offer a library of relevant and up to date information, legislation and codes of practice pertinent to theatre and live events
  • encourage employers to advertise relevant job vacancies via the PMF website and social media channels
  • develop a Support Hub of individuals and suppliers, to provide regional support and local knowledge
  • provide mentorship schemes for young and aspiring Production Managers
  • encourage members to play as full a part as possible in the management and running of the PMF
  • seek support from theatre and live events companies and suppliers to enable the PMF to continue and to develop
  • find ways to promote equality and diversity in production management and in the work of the PMF


Why they do it:

The Production Managers’ Forum (PMF) is the only professional organisation of its kind in the UK, serving as a vital resource for production managers working across a variety of locations and industry sectors.

The Production Managers’ Forum is a joint venture between the ABTT and the SMA (Stage Management Association) to bridge a gap -as no organisation is singularly dedicated to the needs of the Production Manager.

As there aren’t vast numbers of Production Managers out there, and most of them are either members of the ABTT or the SMA…we have collaborated to bring you the Production Managers’ Forum .

How do I become a member of the PMF?

To become a registered member of the PMF you must be a member of one of the following organisations: ABTT, SMA and ITC.

To add yourself to the PMF ‘Green List’ or amend your details contact the green team at admin@stagemanagementassociation.co.uk. (The ‘Green List’ is a list of PMF members.)