Company Profile

Theatreinabox Ltd is the company responsible for the design and manufacture of Stage-in-a-Box.

Stage-in-a-Box is a portable metal box which transforms into a stage or performance area. Its contents are more than 60 pieces which replicate rostra blocks of various sizes, ramps, cylinders and steps, each with an embedded magnet which allows them to be securely and easily positioned. A beautifully made working lighting rig provides further authenticity. In fact, it has all that is needed to build stage sets from the simple to the complex.

Four flexible manikin ‘actors’ provide a human perspective. It is designed, by a practising teacher, to be used by teachers and students of drama and theatre in high schools, colleges and drama schools. ​It is also invaluable for stage schools, drama groups and in fact anyone with an interest in stage design.


9 Tulketh Avenue,
PR2 1DR, United Kingdom.