Core Business / Areas of Diversification

Cloud-based Equipment and Asset Management Software for Performing Arts


Key Personnel / Contacts

Antti Kirmanen, Chief Sales Officer


Company Address

Lapinlahdenkatu 16
00180 Helsinki


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Company Profile

Trail Systems Ltd was founded in 2010 when the development of Trail started. We had already worked with performing arts organizations for over ten years before Trail. Our previous experience showed that most of these organizations had the technical equipment needed for successful productions, but the management of these expensive assets was non-existent.

Many of them did not even know what their equipment consisted of, and the data was scattered among many different charts, if anywhere. They all knew that something had to be done about the matter but had not found an affordable solution designed for their specific needs.

We knew that we could help the organizations improve their asset management significantly. That was when we started replacing the pen-and-paper methods with a modern web-based solution, one that had all the necessary information available to everyone. Thus, Trail was born.

When information concerning the equipment, its location, and its condition is easily accessible throughout the entire organization, the expensive equipment will not be left unused and unserviced. Well-maintained asset management saves both time and money for everyone in the organization and helps the organization make better and more efficient investments to support its operations.

Our goal is to help our customers manage their assets so that there would be more time and resources left for the actual work, be it art production or something else.

With this goal in mind, we always develop Trail according to our customers’ needs. We think it is very important that our customers feel satisfied with Trail and that they are gaining something when using it – every day.


Current Projects

Royal National Theatre
National Theatre of Scotland
The Finnish National Opera and Ballet
Scottish Opera