Anette Ollerearnshaw has gained her expertise of planning, production and delivery through working at the forefront of world-leading arts organisations and higher education providers.

She works in key roles providing structure and leadership in support of the strategic vision, efficiency and innovation by enhancing organisational performance coupled with continual improvement practices. She currently holds the role of Head of Building Management & Operations at the QEII Centre in Westminster.

She enjoys working collaboratively, developing dynamic teams and ensuring that we make space to enrich each other within this; one of her guiding principles is strength through diversity.

Following a long career in Wigs, Hair & Make-up (WHAM), she is still often sought as an industry consultant to form teams and lead creative production processes within the performing Arts as well as sharing knowledge and teaching skills to nurture the next generation of talent.

In addition, Anette is author of the WHAM sustainability principles and toolbox guidance for the Theatre Green Book and is the founder of the Association of British Theatre Technicians’ (ABTT) WHAM community.

She regularly writes articles for ABTT ‘Sightline’ magazine, and titles have included ‘The Politics of Innovation in Performance Technologies’ and ‘Sustainability in Wigs, Hair & Make-up for Performance’ and ‘Training & Education in performing Art: Hold to Run- at the Intersection of Machine & Performance’.