Questions for smaller Theatres

15 October 2020

The Theatres Trust have asked for those in smaller venues to get in contact with information regarding their ventilation systems. There are four key questions:

  • Does your theatre have a mechanical ventilation system installed? (ie as opposed to comfort cooling or heating that conditions and recirculates air
  • Which spaces within your venue have a ventilation system (eg main auditorium, studio space, bar, dressing rooms etc).
  • Does the ventilation system allow for increased levels of fresh air intake?
  • Is there a building management system (BMS) controlling the ventilation equipment?

If you are happy to answer, there are a couple more BMS related questions below:

  • If yes, does the BMS use CO2 levels from sensors in the venue?
  • If yes, what values does the BMS use?
  • Is there a maximum value which the system tries to keep below?

Please send your answers or any queries through to: