Six ESTA TSP standards approved and published

8 May 2021

On May 5, ANSI’s Board of Standards Review approved two ESTA documents as American National Standards. The following day ANSI’s BSR approved four more. All six are now published and available on the ESTA TSP website for download at no cost at You also may buy them from ANSI and IHS Markit for $40 each .

ANSI E1.2 – 2021, Entertainment Technology – Design, Manufacture and Use of Aluminum Trusses and Towers, describes what the title says, and also the associated aluminum structural components, such as head blocks, sleeve blocks, bases, and corner blocks, used in the entertainment industry in portable structures. It’s a revision of, and supersedes the previous version.

ANSI E1.28 – 2011 (R2021), Guidance on planning followspot positions in places of public assembly, offers guidance on the planning of permanent followspot positions, including recommendations on the locations of the followspot positions within the venue, the power likely to be needed, the waste heat generated, the amount of space likely to be needed, and the fall protection and egress issues to be considered for the followspot operator’s safety. This is a reaffirmation of the 2011 edition.

ANSI E1.39 – 2021, Entertainment Technology – Selection and Use of Personal Fall Arrest Systems on Portable Structures Used in the Entertainment Industry, establishes minimum requirements for the selection and use of personal fall arrest systems (PFAS) on portable structures in the entertainment industry. In addition, the standard establishes minimum requirements for products and portable structures used in the service of PFAS. The requirements for other methods used to protect workers from fall hazards such as safety nets, guard rails, and rope access techniques are not included in this standard. This standard does not preclude the use of other appropriate standards to promote fall protection safety. It’s a revision of, and supersedes the previous version.

ANSI E1.4-2 – 2021, Entertainment Technology – Statically Suspended Rigging Systems, addresses statically suspended rigging systems permanently installed in performances spaces, places of assembly, and other areas used for entertainment purposes. This standard establishes minimum performance criteria, recommendations and guidelines that can be used for installation, use, maintenance, and inspection purposes. It’s a new standard – the second in a suite of E,14 standards covering manually operated systems.

ANSI E1.57 – 2016 (R2021), Recommendations to prevent falls on or off movable parade floats, movable stages, and similar moving platforms, offers recommendations for steps to be taken to prevent falls by anyone (e.g., performers, technicians, politicians) on parade floats, movable stages, and similar moving platforms. Fall protection is needed, but should be provided in a way that preserves the artistic intent of the moving float or platform. This document provides guidance on how to accomplish these two aims. This is a reaffirmation of the 2016 standard.

ANSI E1.67 – 2021, Entertainment Technology – Design, Inspection, Maintenance, Selection, and Use of Hand and Lever-Operated Chain Hoists in the Entertainment Industry, is a new standard, and covers exactly what the title says.