SOLT & UK Theatre: Energy Price Impact Survey open till Friday 9 September.

25 August 2022

SOLT & UK Theatre are acutely aware that energy costs and supply have become, or are likely to soon become, massive issues for the sector. SOLT/UK Theatre are looking at ways in which they can support the sector through lobbying for financial support (either directly for energy or indirectly through other mechanisms), planning for outages or focussing on support for initiatives designed to reduce energy consumption.

CALL TO ACTION: Energy Price Impact Survey

In order to collect data with which to demonstrate the impact of actual and expected energy price rises, SOLT & UK Theatre urge you to complete the following brief surveyplease complete by Friday 9 September.

Guidance: Energy Use and Sustainability

Out Industry are used to a very consistent electricity supply and while localised short disruptions to power supplies are experienced, these disruptions rarely extend for significant periods of time. To date the UK has never lost the entire power supply network or loss of regular supply for lengthy periods. However, this does not mean that it would not be possible, in the future, for this to occur.

SOLT/UK Theatre have prepared this document to provide guidance to enable organisations to better understand their energy use & sustainability priorities but also plan for and implement business contingency arrangements in the event of power outage.