SOLT/UK Theatre release tickets for mental health and wellbeing webinars

1 April 2021

A series of ten standalone webinars designed to support the mental health and wellbeing of offstage theatre workers, hosted by SOLT & UK Theatre and presented by expert facilitators, will take place between 26 April and 31 May 2021.

With accessible subjects open to all across the sector, along with sessions tailored for managers & leaders, topics include managing stress, building resilience, the business case for wellbeing, creating a racism defence strategy, managing through rapid complex change, and strategies for organisational recovery.

These webinars are now open for bookings, with a tiered pricing structure for attendees.

  • Free places are available for unemployed or freelancers
  • £5 tickets for SOLT and UK Theatre members
  • £5 tickets for members of other trade associations.
  • £10 tickets are available for anyone who is not a member of any membership bodies

Full details are available on

We hope that these resources will assist you and your teams in building back stronger than ever.