Survey on COVID-19 for Theatre Makers 2.0

5 May 2020

Dear friends and colleagues, Serving as a global platform for Scenographers/Designers, Theatre Architects and Technicians, OISTAT would like to know how you're managing your financial challenges since the outbreak.

We need your insight to put together a full picture of this crisis we are facing as a global performing arts community, as we aim to be inclusive for all of our members around the world.

Please let us know your latest situation on our updated Survey on COVID-19 for Theatre Makers 2.0.

**Thank you for the comments and suggestions you provided in the first round, we have improved and added some new questions in this survey. If you have filled out previously, please go through the questions and update your answers.

Thank you in advance for your time and efforts! Your opinions matter to us.

OISTAT will continue to work on providing you a better information sharing platform.