The Big Freelancer Survey 2023 is Still Live!!!

22 March 2023

Calling All Freelancers!

Freelancers Make Theatre Work present the Big Freelancer Survey 2023, the third of five annual studies that aim to gather previously underrepresented data from performing arts freelancers. The survey is the largest of its kind, having received over 9,500 responses from the freelance workforce to date.

The 2023 survey is designed to build upon the data collected from the past two surveys, as well as provide evidence-based insight into the impact of the current skills retention crisis facing the industry and the wider reaching cost of living crisis.

We ask performing arts freelancers to provide information about their socio-economic background and current living situation, as well as rates of pay, the impact of Brexit and workplace concerns ranging from safety and security to harassment and bullying.

Evidence-based lobbying is vital for the systemic change that is needed to build a fairer future. The information from this and the past surveys is used by employers, industry bodies and government to further understand the living and working conditions of freelancers, who make up over 70% of the theatre sector.

How to take part

The survey is created by and for freelancers working in the performing arts and you can find out more on the Big Freelancer Survey  here.

Please fill in and share the survey link: with the freelancers you work with as well as on social media and internal channels. The resultant Big Freelancer Report will be shared widely across the industry to help buildings and organisations further understand their freelance workforce and work together better.

The survey is presented in English, Irish, Scottish Gaelic and Welsh, with introductions in British and Irish Sign Language. There is also a plain text version of the survey. You can head straight to the survey here