Three ESTA standards approved by ANSI

17 January 2023

ESTA is please to announce approval of three standards by ANSI’s Board of Standards Review, marking a successful close to our 2022 standards development year.

ANSI E1.37-1 – 2012 (R2022), Additional Message Sets for ANSI E1.20 (RDM) — Part 1, is part of the E1.37 project, and provides additional get/set parameter messages (PIDs). Most of the messages in this document are intended for use with entertainment lighting dimming systems. These additional messages allow access to configuration parameters commonly found in many theatrical dimming systems.

ANSI ES1.18, Event Safety – Rigging, provides minimum requirements and general guidelines to assist an event organizer or producer regarding the suspension of equipment and materials that are used in the technical production of organized events. It addresses the general requirements for design, planning, installation, set-up, removal, and operation of rigging activities. These activities may be conducted either indoors or outdoors, on structures either temporary or permanent in nature.

ANSI E1.28 – 2022, Guidance on planning followspot positions in places of public assembly, is a revision of the prior 2016 reaffirmation. It offers guidance on the planning of permanent followspot positions, including recommendations on the locations of the followspot positions within the venue, the power likely to be needed, the waste heat generated, the amount of space likely to be needed, and the fall protection and egress issues to be considered for the followspot operator’s safety. It has been updated to include information about position apertures and substrates, such as glass and plastics.

All of these standards are available for free download at\freestandards. They are also available for purchase at the ANSI Web Store, and in the IHS Markitplace, for $40.00 each

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