Three ESTA standards reaffirmed and published

27 September 2019

On September 9, ANSI's Board of Standards Review approved the reaffirmations of three ESTA standards. The new editions are now published and available at no cost from the website or for purchase from ANSI and IHS.

The three standards are:

  • ANSI E1.27-2 – 2009 (R2019), Recommended Practice for Permanently Installed Control Cables for Use with ANSI E1.11 (DMX512-A) and USITT DMX512/1990 Products, is a standard, as the title says, for permanently installed control cabling, not for portable cables. Portable cables are covered by ANSI E1.27-1.
  • ANSI E1.30-10 – 2009 (R2019), EPI 32 Identification of Draft Device Description Language Modules, is a recommended way of identifying a Device Description Language Module for ACN as a trial version, one under development, not for release yet. ANSI E1.30-10 is part of an open series of E1.30 documents that suggests ways of doing common tasks with ANSI E1.17, Architecture for Control Networks.
  • ANSI E1.30-3 – 2009 (R2019), EPI 25 Time Reference in ACN Systems Using SNTP and NTP, is another recipe in the E1.30 cookbook for ACN, Architecture for Control Networks. It offers ways of providing a time reference so that events can be synchronized.

The standards have a retail price of $40 each, which is the price from the ANSI or IHS on-line standards stores, but they are available at no cost from because of the sponsorship of ProSight Specialty Insurance.