Two More ESTA Draft Standards now in Public Review

5 August 2020

Two more ESTA draft standards are now in public review, available for download on ESTA's TSP Public Review Documents webpage. Details below.

Two more ESTA draft standards, BSR ES1.7-202x, Event Safety – Weather Preparedness, and BSR E1.4-2, Entertainment Technology – Statically Suspended Rigging Systems, are now available for public review until 21 September 2020.

BSR ES1.7 – 202x, Event Safety – Weather Preparedness addresses the considerations, development, and use of event planning strategies that mitigate weather-related risks associated with live events, and with the temporary structures used for these events.

BSR E1.4-2, Entertainment Technology – Statically Suspended Rigging Systems establishes minimum performance requirements, recommendations, and guidelines that can be used for installation, use, maintenance and inspection of statically suspended rigging systems, permanently installed in venues used for entertainment purposes.

Both of these draft standards, along with their respective public review forms and instructions, can be downloaded at